The Feminist Movement

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Feminism is finally having a moment that isn't negative. For yonks now feminism has often been labelled as "man-hating", "bra-burning" or a woman is simply looked down upon if they claim to be feminist. While some men are support the movement, more often than not most men feel attacked by this sense of female empowerment. From the beautifully eloquent speech by Emma Watson to the powerful album/performance by Beyonce feminism is finally getting the positive attention it deserves. (Also let me state every girl out there should read How To Be A Woman by the hilarious and insightful Caitlin Moran.)

Step in Chanel. During last week's Paris Fashion Week, the end of the Chanel show featured a staged riot. With Cara Delevingne at the helm chanting slogans through a (Chanel adorn, naturally) bull horn, Giselle Bündchen, Binx Walton, Kendall Jenner,  Ming Xi, Soo Joo Park and more carried signs with feminist slogans like: "Ladies First", "Coco Liberated Women", and "History is Her Story".

While, in part, this can be seen as incredible and amazing that a fashion designer/house is taking their show and putting a movement that is current and important in it (especially as the fashion industry is notorious for reinforcing negative body image/stereotypes for women)  it also feels a bit opportunistic for Karl Lagerfeld.

When you see mixed in those 'girl power' signs are juvenile phrases like "Make Fashion Not War", "Tweed Is Better Than Tweet", and "Riots Not Diets" it can almost come off like a bit of satire. Also, let's not forget Karl claimed Adele was "a little too fat" and that Coco Chanel couldn't be a feminist because she was not "ugly enough".

However, let's give Karl the benefit of the doubt, maybe he's changed his opinions on the feminist movement and women as a whole given that many of his models have been pretty open in their equality beliefs (none more notable than Cara). He was quoting with saying: "My mother was a feminist, and I was brought up with a history of that." when interviewed at the show.  People change, opinions change, and hopefully the Chanel show will bring a more positive outlook on feminism within the fashion community.

What are your thoughts? xx

(Top Photo by: Kendall Jenner // All other photos from: The Coveteur)

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