Honest Burgers

9:00 AM

I first heard of Honest Burgers's through Carrie over at Wish Wish Wish. Her love of burgers matches my own so I knew I had to scope out this eatery the next time I made my way across the pond. My third day in London I had plans of Oxford Street, in preparation of what was to come (Hello Topshop, Hello Selfridges, Hello Primark!), I decided to track down Honest Burgers to give myself some fuel before shopping cardio. With a very simple menu it's a no-fuss kind of place that uses fresh and high quality ingredients.

I nearly gave up before even getting there after having so much trouble finding the dang place - before I realized I got my street names mixed up. However, I kept at it after words of encouragement through Twitter such as: "best burger in London" and "totally worth it" being sent to me as I live tweeted my frustration. Finally locating it tucked down an alley I made my way in to see it was wall to wall packed. Stomach rumbling at this point I opted for an Honest Burger (beef, red onion, relish, smoked bacon, mature cheaddar, pickled cucumber, and lettuce) to go and plopped myself down on the curb to chow down.

Ah honest to God heavenly experience I practically inhaled my burger. Not to mention, their salted rosemary chips are drool worthy.  I knew right then and there I needed to make a second trip.

My second opportunity came with plans to go to Saint Albans for a day to visit friends. I found out that there was a Honest Burger location a stone's throw from King's Cross Station and that sealed the deal for me. As tasty as the Honest Burger was I was convinced by my waiter to get the Tribute Burger (beef, bacon, American cheese, burger sauce, French's mustard, pickles, onion, and lettuce). Only sold at the King's Cross location he explained that it was the Brits take on an American burger.
It certainly tasted better than any American burger I've ever had! It pained me to leave London knowing that I wasn't able to sneak over to Honest Burgers and indulge in their rosemary chips one more time....

(Lastly - I also recommend the House Cocktail (gin, apple juice, cucumber, and lemon puree) so delicious!)

MON-SAT: 11:30 AM TO 11:00 PM
SUN: 11:30 AM TO 10:00 PM

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  1. Looks delicious. And the menu has a nice design; gotta love that :)
    -eavan of http://eavanelizabeth.com/

    1. Their paper menus match the menus they have drawn on the walls of the restaurant. So amazing! x