December Wishist

9:00 AM

I'm pretty fortunate in my life that I have been able to get by without any real monetary issues. I have a job, I'm able to pay my bills, and I can buy something every now and then for myself. When it comes to Christmas I rarely ask my parents for anything over the top, I end up asking for practical things (seriously, last year I asked for new tires for my car, the year before that windshield wipers....).  So December wishlists becomes more so a wishlist for myself of things I might try and scoop up with gift cards or holiday money. A few things I may throw on to my list for my parents, but I never expect anything astronomical from them!

I've been sort of obsessed with that CK bra ever since I saw someone post a photo of it on instagram. I'm also obsessed with turtlenecks for some odd reason (used to hate em). I love a good watch and this rose gold/navy one is a dream combo. I've been looking for a new scent and this Tom Ford one is heavenly - rum and honey yes please. Obviously in need of a new calender, this incorporates honeybees my fav. Dolce & Gabbana have made my must have sunnies. I love a good pair of black boots, these snakeskin ones are awesome. It's about time I grow up and invest in some good brushes, I like this antibacterial set. Lastly, who would I be if I didn't want a book?

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