New Year / New Resolutions

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2014 is long gone and 2015 has moved in. I'm still slightly in disbelief at how fast the year flew by and was recently reminiscing of the exciting things I did last year (traveling alone, taking blogging "seriously", making new friends/reconnecting with old ones....). I can't wait to see what 2015 brings. As one does at the start of the new year, here are a few resolutions I'm going to try my darnest to keep:

1. Getting Fit - Staying Healthy
Such a cliche New Years Resolution but this is the year I promised to adapt a more healthy lifestyle. Inspired by the likes of Nicole Loher, from reading Eat Pretty (seriously, do it!), and just seeing my laziness get the best of me - I've made a promise to myself to get healthy in 2015!

2. Travel More
Last year I did plenty of solo traveling, which has made me more willing to just go ahead and go somewhere instead of waiting for someone who might be available to go with me.  I'd love to go to California and Nantucket in the USA some point next year. I already have plans to do a mini road trip across my state. Lastly I'd love to go back to England during the holiday season. 

3. Buy Less - Choose Well
I remember coming across this quote from Vivienne Westwood and thinking how appropriate! I love a good bargain but I'm sure we've all been there where that shirt you got for $10 falls apart after a couple uses. In 2015 I'm going to attempt to invest in more well made pieces. 

4. Be Adventurous
I'd like to think I'm rather adventurous, however occasionally I do tend to over think things. There are a few things that I've been thinking about doing or attempting that I back out of in fear of what may happen after. I'd like to try and dive in without worrying how cold the water will be. 

5. More Creativity
I used to be attached to the hip to my camera. Lately I've gotten a little lazier with using it (I blame the iPhone). I'd like to pick up my camera again and take some decent photos again instead of relying on my silly phone. I also have been doing a bit of text art using typography that I'd like to invest more time into. Gotta buy more (colorful) drawing pens!

6. Become A Chef
 Well, not literally, but I'd like to work on my cooking skills, as they are pretty much non-existent. Maybe start small and work my way up. Sounds like a plan to me!  
These are a few resolutions I plan to keep up with in 2015. Anything on your resolution list? xx

(Photo from Barefoot Blonde)

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