NYFW Without Mercedes Benz

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It hasn't been particularly easy to be NYFW lately. After many blows to it's already wounded ego another one has come in the form of NYFW losing it's partnership with Mercedes Benz, a partnership since 2009. It couldn't come at worse timing for NYFW after it was evicted from the Lincoln Center location, making the A/W 2015 collection in February the last to be shown there. While designers weren't exactly mourning the lost of said location it had become quite iconic for NYFW.
The reasoning for them backing out is quite interesting:
“We believe in a thriving New York Fashion Week,” says Melody Lee, Cadillac’s director of brand and reputation strategy. “But through a unique lens of individual designers who are at the cutting edge or in the process of reinvention.”
What that means is, they are not interested in the big names of fashion week but instead rather work with more up-and-coming, smaller designers. According to Business of Fashion other companies, Cadillac, and others, share the same sentiment. Which makes sense, from a marketing stand point you want to go after young, savvy buyers with disposable income - not old money that probably won't want to invest in the newest vehicle with the newest technology. You want to be associated with something that will get people talking, not be forgotten in the midst of another fashion season. NYFW is rather notorious for being not only jam packed with designers but it's rare for them to showcase smaller lesser known designers. London Fashion Week on the other hand features Central Saint Martins, who's students each season show their collections. Most notably it is where Alexander McQueen showcased his graduation collection.

This could bring about a greater discussion on why out of four big fashion weeks is only one prominently featuring student work? Made Fashion Week is held concurrently with NYFW however unlike the Central Saint Martins runway show it is not consider part of NYFW like the Central Saint Martins showcase is to LFW. Perhaps NYFW should consider incorporating new, young, emerging talent in their roster, especially since last season's shows were met with a resounding feeling of disappointment from buyers.

Aside from the young talent aspect unlike Milan, Paris or London there aren't many risk takers in NYC. For the most part, designers (especially the bigger names) play it safe, creating collections that are sell-able but often not exciting. It seems that Mercedes Benz (among others) are looking for more spark and less same old - same old.

Has NYFW become uncool?

(Top Photo from: Ani Bundel // Center Photo from: Pure Entertainment Online //Bottom Photo from: Stylist to the Norms)

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