Tricks To Keeping Up With Fashion Month

9:00 AM

I've been an avid Fashion Month follower for about 2+ years now. Initially I would just take peaks at the highlights, however that has transformed in to full blown watching every single show as it happens. Just because you not part of the frow (front row, lil bit of Fashion Week lingo for you), doesn't mean you aren't able to keep up as if you are. Naturally, the web will be your friend. Here are a few of my tricks to watching all those fashion week shows:

 Schedules: As you can see from the photo above I'm just a little bit obsessive. I put in my planner(s) not only the dates for all the fashion weeks but also I log the times of the shows I want to check out as it happens (in EST) along with post its which details the entire schedule. Now you don't need to be as crazy as I am but if you adore Altuzarra and must catch his show (especially if it's a live feed which we will go into later) it's helpful to check out the posted schedules. A good resource outside of the MBFW website is Fashion Weeks Dates. Outside of the big four you might have to do a bit of detective work.

Instagram: An obvious reference for to the minute updates of the runway, Instagram is your go to. Keep an eye on hashtags like NYFW, LFW, MFW and PFW (New York, London, Milan, and Paris don't ya know). Also hashtaging particular designers is a good way to go as well. In terms of accounts, The Business of Fashion (@bof), & Vogue (@voguemagazine), have great updates. Or you can opt to following frow regulars, my favorite is Miroslava Duma (@miraduma).

Twitter: Another great up to the minute resource try to follow some of the main names in the business. Again, Business of Fashion is a great resource, along with Vogue, however NYT Fashion, WWD, The Cut, are other good ones. Also some of the fashion weeks have their own twitters which are worth following as well!

Live Streams: Thank goodness for the digital age, many designers have given you at home a chance to be part of the front row. Granted, depending on your timezone this may result in you waking up at all hours of the day/night to watch them, it'll certainly make you feel like an insider as you tweet all the details of that Jason Wu collection as it happened.

WWD & These two sites will be your new best friends. Typically very good at updating quickly images from the shows. Check back frequently to see your favorite designer's collections in full. My original favorite site for this was however unfortunately it has plans of being converted over into an e-commerce site so I'm not sure if runway photos will be featured anymore.

When it comes to the big four you'll find plenty of ways to check out the shows, however if you're like me and end up watch the rather obscure shows it might be a bit more tricky.

Happy Fashion Month!

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