Current Favorites #5

9:00 AM

I've been sitting on this post for quite a bit and for that I'm incredibly sorry! For some reason I kept putting it off, I suppose I was thinking maybe something else would sneak it's way in but never did. Fortunately, all these are still current favorites so it's not quite the stretch. Also, all of these are high street favorites (except one) so it's quite the budget round up. Also, yes this is a Topshop heavy post, sorry not sorry.

Proper Bag Lady

After my post about crocodile bags I couldn't wait any longer, I needed one. I loved the rich burgundy color of this one from ASOS so I jumped on it. I've gotten a good amount of complements on this bag with people thinking it's far more pricier than it was. Also funny enough a few weeks or so after I had bought it, it was featured in ELLE, look at me ahead of the trend. I'm also quite obsessed with bag charms. While a Karlito may be out of my price range for the foreseeable future, this one from Topshop was not. 

Beauty Rediscoveries

I had nearly forgotten about Soap and Glory until a recently trip for a new cleanser led me to Ulta where I found they had plenty of S&G goodies stocked. I love the scent of Smoothie Star - smelling like a honey oatmeal cookie yum! It's wonderfully hydrating and is the perfect before bed treat. When cleaning out my make up drawers I found this small sample size of YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. I've been kind of in the market for a new foundation but haven't really bothered to look at anything. Man on man is this stuff dreamy! I may need to splurge on it when I run out of this little vial.

The Extra Bits
How pretty is that little dish? Found on a recent trip to Target I 100% know this is meant for food but I 100% don't care and will use it as a jewelry dish. I'm a bit obsessed with marble and my lovely mama found that gorgeous necklace. When I went to NYC naturally I could not leave without stopping into Laduree. They are bits of heaven. I have quite the commute to and from work and I've been loving 99% Invisible on the way to and from. Such a great little podcast about art, music, design, architecture and more. My favorite one so far has to be about Busta Rhymes Island. Check it out.

Pump It Up, Keep It Low

I had been eyeing these boots for a good while and finally got my hands on them when Target had them on sale for $13! Don't they have a slight Alexander Wang look to them? When I'm not rocking my sky high platforms I opt for these wonderful lace up flats from Topshop. My mama calls them my witchy shoes.

Sweater Weather

Fall is my favorite season to dress for so when  I went to NYC a few weeks ago I had a mission and that was find a Fall appropriate outfit from Topshop. I tend to gravitate to clothing in natural color palettes.... I got this lovely roll neck sweater dress. I also ordered a few more things recently when they had a massive sale so I'm a bit Topshop-ed out. 

And that's it! Like I said, lots of Topshop and lots of budget friendly items. I'm doing a massive overhaul of my room so I probably won't be making too many purchases any time soon. 


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