October Wishlist

12:00 PM

Instead of doing my normal wishlist I decided to make October's a Halloween inspired one. Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite shows that was sadly cancelled far too soon. Charlotte Charles is definitely a fashion inspiration/spirit animal of mine. If you haven't seen the show what are you doing?! Watch it! Without giving away too many spoilers, it's about a piemaker who can wake the dead with one touch but only for a minute, if he doesn't touch the recently ahem, undead, again before the minute is up something or someone will die in their place. He uses his gift to his advantage when he finds that his childhood sweetheart was murdered. He brings her back to life and they fall in love.... but they can not touch or she'll die again. 

Throughout the show Charlotte Charles wears rather retro inspired clothing. This red dress paired with a pair of red pumps matches one of her many adorable looks. Since she's supposed to be dead, when she's out and about she'll occasionally disguise her identity ever so stylishly with a head scarf and oversized sunnies. Working in the pie shop with her lovebug she secretly sends her aunties pies to cheer them up after loosing their niece. Speaking of her lover, since they can not touch skin she wears a very chic pair of gloves so that they can hold hands. She has a fondness for bees - making her own honey. Speaking of honey in one of the episodes a character with a particularly strong sense of smell notes that she smells like honey..... and death. While she tends to go fairly make up free her eyelashes are always long, fluttery and sweet.


Metallic-Trimmed Cat Eye Sunglasses from Forever 21 $8 // Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Gloves from Farfetch $300 // Valentino Heart Print Scarf from Farfetch $430 // Pie Box from Pie Box $35 // Summer School Cool Dress from Mod Cloth $55 // Golden Honey Bee Brooch from Dear Winsome Etsy $16 // Charlotte Olympia Monroe Suede Pumps from Net A Porter $695 // Marc Jacobs Honey from Sephora $78 // Lengthening 035 from Eylure £6

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