Best of New York Men's Fashion Week

8:58 PM

So sorry for the massive delay on this one! I got a nasty cold last week and simply couldn't be bothered to keep up, and then catch up, on all the menswear at NY. I'm the worst, I know. However, back on track, post sorted, and ready (but not ready at all) for the chaotic mess that is NYFW and the start of Fashion Month. Deep breaths. So initially I was going to do a post a day for the Menswear at NY however, I found that ONE: It really wasn't a ultra packed schedule that warranted a post a day, and TWO: There were a few show repeats (I'm looking at you Coach and CK). That being said, instead I've done my favorites from NY! Okay let's do this:

I really loved the variety at Joseph Abboud. Not just in styles but in fabrics, colors, texture. There were just so many details to look at and take in! Starting with cool grays it transitioned to rusty oranges, then a little bit of navy, to rich chocolate browns, then back to greys and blacks. The dapper looks featured tweed, plaid, velvet, checks, paisley, fur... pretty much your one stop shop for a fantastic outfit. I though the monochrome American flag blanket scarves were very cool along with the shade and texture mixing.

Like Joseph Abboud, I liked Ovadia & Sons due to all the variety they had. However, in comparison to Joseph's more put together gentleman, Ovadia had a younger sibling vibe. I mean that in a good way! It was laid back, relaxed, but still luxe. Loose fitting clothes that still is cut close, wonderful details, and very very cool coats. I'm all about it.

Robert Geller's collection reminded me a bit of Joseph Abboud's seen earlier but it was a bit of a modern twist on the dapper detective style. Coats were short sleeved, a bit more carefree in color and cut. I thought the leather vests were too cool, the variety in belting was refreshing, and the shoes were pretty damn amazing. 

Public School is a long favorite of mine. I love that they made a case for waist belting on men - a practice typically reserved for women - yes it can look good! There was a lot going on in the collection from fuzzy army prints to plaid with leather. It had a bit of farmer meets urban. Tailored pieces meet more manual labor pieces. 

Okay, so let me start by saying these last two collections are my favorite collections of the bunch. Perhaps of all of Men's Fashion Month. Let's start first with Greg Lauren. There is so much I love about this collection it's hard to know where to begin. First I love how romantic the whole collection is. Each look feels like it could tell a story. From the reclusive artist (look two), a Victorian peddler (look seven), a nomadic traveler (look thirteen), a 1930s New Yorker (look twenty-six)..... the list goes on and on. And while it may be disheveled and dirty it adds to the charm, to the authentic appeal of it. It's simply amazing and I'm obsessed.

Lastly, let's talk about Michael Kors Collection. If the collection before this was about embracing the underdogs, the messiness and romanticists of life. Michale Kors was about opulence. There was fur a plenty in coat form, bag form, hat form. Everything was crisp, pulled together, in a clear this is luxury way. But it was well done. The check print looked classic instead of rugged, there were dress pants, more formal looks mixed in with work boots. It was this contrasting mix of pieces that perhaps shouldn't have worked, but most certainly did. 

Whew! Okay and we're finished with the men for now! Today marks the start of women-swear so get excited to see all the goodness from that tomorrow! When will I be able to sleep again? Oh right... end of March if I'm lucky....


(Top Photo: House of Malcolm // All Other Photos: Vogue)

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