March Wishlist

9:00 AM

Sorry the March wishlist is so late! Swept up in Fashion Month madness and life as usual resulted in a massive delay. But it's here! And I'm already looking towards warmer weather, even though it's JUST starting to peak it's head out here. 

I'm absolutely infatuated with mini bags at the moment, possibly impractical but how cute is this cheeky one from Hill and Friends? They are so, so cute. I'm also obsessed with being 100% hands free (guess I'm embracing a more minimalist look? possibly?) so I love this little leather card case key fob from Henri Bendel, it will make it incredibly easy to keep my keys and cards together on a night out without a purse/clutch/wallet. Just got to make sure I don't lose the keys. Yikes. 

My brother knows of my extremely love affair with Gucci and this lace and floral Zara dress has the Alessandro look with out the Gucci price - and is Spring ready. I'm also on the hunt for some warm weather appropriate shoes (as my favorite pair of sandals recently bit the dust) these cute knotted sandals from Topshop tick a lot of boxes for me: slight heel, neutral color, and that leg wrap! Two other fashion related accesorries that are having a big moment (at least in my head) are Obi belts like this one from ASOS and square neck scarves like this studded one from Marc Jacobs. So cool. 

Lastly, I've been trying to keep up on my water intake which can be challenging once the water gets room temp. Swell bottles are designed to keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours! Just what I need. Oh and isn't this highlight palette from Tarte gorgeous? I saw a swatch of it a few weeks back and have been dreaming of it ever since. Especially since I've been forgoing blush for highlighter for a dewy, dreamy look. I've also become slightly gaga over Colourpop, and have yet to get a satin lippy. I've been attempting to be more adventurous with my beauty so I'm thinking perhaps a dark shade like Prim should be next on my list.


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