Tranceflora: Amy's Glowing Silk

10:35 PM

Here's something fashion related that is also very very cool. Commissioned by Gucci (and shown most recently at London's V&A Museum) is Tranceflora - Amy's Glowing Silk. Supported by Gucci and created by Sputniko!, Tranceflora is a Nishikin-Kimoni dress that literally glows. Collaborating with NIAS (National Institute of Agricultural Studies), shoe/costume designer Masaya Kushimo, & art director/graphic designer Kazunori Izumiya designed a dress and shoes made with genetically engineered transgenic glowing silk.

These genetically engineered silkworms were used to develop "novel kinds of silk which can be used for future fashion." For the dress/shoes the silk was created by injecting the genes of glowing coral and jellyfish into silkworm eggs resulting in the glowing silk used to make the piece.  Mindblowingly gorgeous and a fantastic use of technology and fashion - why didn't someone utilize this for MachinaXManus?!

Lastly check out this video of the piece and instillation space.

(Top Photo From: Sun & Moon // All Other Photos from Sputniko!)

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