Glorious Glossier

9:00 AM

If you're not familiar with Glossier (or the super blog Into The Gloss where it spawned from) their mission is to make beauty easy and make skincare products that work to show the best you. I had been a reader of Into The Gloss for eons and was excited (with reservations) when they announced their skincare/beauty line. My thought was: I already have so many products that make the same claims, what makes Glossier different? After being on the fence for a long while I took the plunge and bought myself a few items. Well clearly a lot is different, as after first use of their Moon Mask I was sold. Here are a few of my favorite products:

Coconut Balm Dotcom
It's hard to keep me interested and loyal to a balm. You really have to wow me. For years I've been jumping around from balm to balm convincing myself - "It's absolutely normal to own 30 different balms, they cover different needs!" I'm not going to lie, I bought the Coconut Balm Dotcom for two specific reasons - 1. I'm a sucker for good packaging and 2. I love the scent of coconuts. However, this little wonder has shot up to my one and only lip balm. It's incredibly hydrating leaving my lips smooth and chap free, it's not tacky or sticky - gliding on easily. There's no need to apply every 20 seconds, and the scent literally transports me to an island vacation. If there's one thing I recommend constantly to my chapped/dry lip girlfriends it's this. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser
Like the balm situation I had been struggling to find my go to cleanser. I tried drugstore brands, higher end brands, poorly made homemade concoctions with no avail. I honestly didn't know specifically what I was looking for, but I knew I would know it when I found it. I like the Milky Jelly Cleanser because it's a double duty product. Used on dry skin it acts as a make up remover, add a little water and it's a cleanser. It's safe to use on eyes which is a major plus and it doesn't leave my skin tight like most cleansers do.  

Moisturizing Moon Mask
I bought the Moisturizing Moon Mask right as winter was transitioning to spring and was reeking havoc over my skin. My normal skin tends to have dry patches that I just assumed would never go away. I figured this mask may at least help a bit - it couldn't hurt! I latter on the creamy mask after a shower in a thin-ish layer letting it sit for 20 mins or so as I check my emails, read, watch an episode of Bob's Burgers. When washed off my face is softer than ever, plump, youthful and I've seen it even out my skin tone. I'd say it's safe to use everyday without turning your skin ultra greasy but I tend to use it every other day or so as a pick me up. It's the dreamiest.

 Just released Haloscope was bought by me out of sheer curiosity. I have dozens of highlighters so I really didn't need another but made with real quartz and topaz? Come on. I went with the quartz shade as my skin at the moment is still lacking a tan. It's so easy to use and really gives your face the most gorgeous glow. The color payoff is wonderful, it blends so easily and smoothly. This may become my make up back staple.

I'm looking to getting their Perfecting Skin Tint once their Medium Shade comes back in stock. I'm trying to streamline my make up routine and have been jumping around from foundation to foundation. Maybe this will be THE one.


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