July Wishlist

9:00 AM

Nothing like a birthday to bring back the old monthly wishlists. Today I'm another year older and while I'm not one to ask for presents (gifts actually make me extremely uncomfortable) it's always nice to receive something that a friend or family member thoughtfully purchased for you in celebration. Right now my favorite gift is these blue Cecily sunglasses from Warby Parker that my brother bought for me. He actually gifted them to me early and I've been wearing them not stop since. That being said here are a few lovely things I have my eyes on for July. 

I had a sample size of Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau Liquid Foundation and it was life changing. While much more than I'd normally spend for foundation, I may take the plunge. I've been dying to take photos again but dreading lugging around my heavy DSLR. I've heard wonderful things about the Olympus E-P17. Perhaps something to save up for. I'd like to think my style is getting a little bit "cooler" thanks to my brother. Slightly inspired by him I'm keen to get my hands on this hat by Nasa Seasons.

Still on my Gucci obsession I'm really loving these backless loafer dupes from Topshop, this lighter shade is perfect for summer into fall. Another Gucci inspired number this Mango mini dress is so dreamy. I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I'm surely hoping that this book is as good as the cover is.

Friends of mine, the lovely 30th & Weldon girls, recently opened up a shop full of goodies that support local Maryland artists/artisans. I'm in love with these gold foil prints and given that I spend a good part of my life in Fell's Point it's much needed. French Girl products just look so lovely, I'm in desperate need of a good scrub so Sea Polish would be ideal. Lastly, what's a birthday without a bottle of blue champagne to share with friends (or keep all to yourself?). 


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