Small Business Beauty

9:00 AM

I've been trying to drift away from buying big name brand beauty simply because there is SO MUCH out there in terms of wonderfully homemade, natural products that tend to get overlooked because people are buying the "name" instead of the product itself. This has led me down the rabbit hole of Etsy beauty products (as well as Korean Beauty products). Here are a few things that I've picked up recently to add to my collection of beauty/skincare items which I'm now a huge fan of. Also peep the end of this post to see what products I'm itching to try next.

I'm a pretty big sucker for rose scented beauty products and the Coco Rose Lip Conditioner by Herbivore is simply divine. It's great for quickly swiping on when you just need a bit of extra TLC. I like to use it under lipsticks that tend to be more drying as it's not thick, heavy, or sticky. It is a little price-y at $22 a (small) jar but I find that I don't need to use much and it's last me nearly a year with a good bit left in the pot! 

I purchased Glory Boon's Rose Face Polish because I wanted a gentle scrub that would help with some adult acne (ugh) I have been struggling with. I am always hesitant to use face scrubs because in the past I always found them to be too abrasive. Ultimately having the reverse effect of drying my skin out instead of removing dead skin and leaving it splotchy. This scrub, however, is incredibly gentle: the sugar gentle removes flaky skin while melting and leaves it feeling calm instead of raw.
Okay, so I will say that I initially bought this soap Lychee Rose Fairy Crystal Soap from Willow & Honey because it looked like an awesome gem stone. So cool! Appearances aside this is one dreamy soap with a heavenly scent and I love that it's free of detergents, sulfates, and alcohol. Skin is cleaned without harsh ingredients. I was also sent a small sample of The Grit Whipped Soap Detox Scrub which is AMAZING it reminded me of Lush's Dark Angels without the hefty price tag.

Okay, okay while Skinfood isn't exactly a "small business" it is small to the U.S.? Right? Right, let's go with that. I've been eyeing Skinfood products for YEARS on the internet but was always very hesitant to buy. The Black Sugar Mask in particular had rave reviews but it wasn't until I found out that a (very) limited selection of Skinfood products would be making their way into Ulta was when I went for it. It instantly made me think of Fresh's Sugar Face Polish - the ingredients were similar (black sugar, meadowfoam seed oil...) with a distinct citrus scent. Even the directions were similar. After two uses I could immediately feel a difference in my skin, it was so so soft, and the sugar gently removed dryer flakes from my face. At $10 for 3.5 oz (vs. $62 for Fresh's 4.4oz -yikes!) it's definitely a steal and a treat for your face. Definitely checking out more Skinfood products ASAP. 

I don't know much about this brand IGK so I'm guessing they aren't that well known (yet?) (maybe?): I'm interested in checking out their Instafamous Blonde Shampoo (as I've slowly been dying my hair blond) and their Call Time Styling Primer. From the K-Beauty side of things I have my eyes set on: KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum, Cremorlab Fresh Water Gel, & Mizon Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot. From Etsy these bits have caught my attention: Joshica Beauty Rose Glow Body Oil, French Girl Sea Polish, Miss Violet Lace Coconut Bath Milk, and Bellaroma Boutique Rose Milk Calming Face Mask.       


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