5 Things For Fashion Month

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If we're being honest, TECHNICALLY, Fashion Month starts tomorrow, when NYFW kicks off. Boy did time fly - right? However there are two major shows happening today (guess whooo) - among plenty of others - and a ton of stuff that is already swimming in my mind for the this year's shows. I didn't really have anything planned to post prior to the first shows but I feel like this is a good way to sort of put things in motion. That being said here's a few things that I'm excited to see, that are happening, and that you should keep an eye on for this Fashion Month.

  •  Tom Ford & Kayne West Unofficially "Start" NYFW: Tom Ford has been on the books for a while with having his show today (his first in NYC in eons) despite it being an "intimate presentation" it'll surely be one hot ticket. Kayne's Yeezy Season 4 however has been one of months of speculation. Perhaps ruffling the feathers of a few designers (and the CDFA) is why he choose to show before fashion week officially begins - but then again this is Kayne we're talking about. Questions: Where will it be at? Will it be all children's clothes as he mentioned in February? What will the Kardashian-Jenners be wearing?
  • NYFW:The Shows Differentiate Themselves Further From the Other Big 3: Ever since re-branding themselves as The Shows, NYFW has being doing everything to make sure it doesn't fall from the Big 4 of Fashion Week without their long time big backer, Mercedes Benz. It's been a tricky thing to navigate but it seems they are furthering their appeal to the millennial set that "want it now" by creating The Shop on 875 Washington Street where you can buy accessories and clothes straight off the runway. 
  • Will Anthony Vaccarello Keep The Saint Laurent Momentum Alive: It was with no surprise, though with great upset (at least... to me) that Hedi Slimane parted ways with Saint Laurent. After months of speculation including his swan song show the torch was passed to Anthony Vaccarello. Will he be able to keep the flames alive for Saint Laurent who Hedi has transformed into one of the most desirable brands beyond just accessories but clothing as well? We'll find out at his first show with them in Paris on the 27th.
  • Demna Gvasalia's Balenciaga: I'm still on the fence with Demna's vision for Balenciaga. While it was raved by most of the fashion set - and pieces featured in many glossy mags - I still feel that Demna has to much of a reliance on his success with Ventements. Reviews are positive but they constantly refer back to hisVentements designs. Additionally I'm a little uneasy on his lack of diversity on both of his runways especially when Alexander Wang utilized a variety of models. We'll see if S/S 2017 wins me over.
  • Genderless Shows, Is This The Future of Fashion Month: There is been many designers that have been designing genderless shows for years - Rick Owens comes to mind - however there has been more and more brands adopting the approach. Burberry announced combining their men's & women's shows together. Gucci has been essentially doing the same. And Ventements - as mentioned above - has frequently integrated men's and women's designs on the runway. Will more designers opt for this approach? With the line becoming more blurred between distinct gender clothing we may see more men on the runway.

Any designers you're looking forward to seeing? Shows or weeks you're excited for in particular? Keep an eye on this space for the "best ofs" following each day of NYFW, LFW, MFW, and PFW. 


(Top Photo from: The Thread)

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