September Wishlist

9:00 AM

This wishlist (like my last one) came about from one item. All white sneakers. I have "only" three pairs of sneakers. My white low top Converses, my black Adidas Superstars and my running shoes - which have been extremely neglected. Need to start running again yikes....  These Kenneth Cole all white leather sneakers are my dream sneaks, though knowing me would be a nightmare to keep clean. I really love this cool crossbody bag. The metal handles give it a expensive look with a high street price. I go back and forth between ornate jewelry and more delicate pieces. This Crescent Moon Bracelet is just too pretty and would look great for a more minimalist look.

I've been digging unique looking sunglasses and since my brother works for Warby Parker he's always sharing with me photos of the new arrivals (as I'm terrible with keeping up with all their seasonal changes). This pair is so cool with the mix of black and metal it gives of a bit of a vintage aviation vibe which I'm into. I'm totally all about transitioning off the shoulder tops into Fall. Jason Wu has the perfect one in this camel colored wool top, don't forget to check out the back. I'm a big tea drinker in general but once Fall/Winter rolls in the tea drinking becomes a serious business. I'm a big fan of my friend Brittany's tea and need to scoop up some of her Chai Tea to have once the whether gets colder.

I, like most of the fashion world, have become rather obsessed with deconstructed denim. This Topshop pair of Mom Jeans (that I'm pretty sure I saw Carrie over at Wish Wish Wish wear) are top banana: with the uneven ends and unraveled hem. Another unexpected look that I've been embracing has been a bronze eye. Not exactly sure where this came from but am very much a fan. I like Burberry's Complete Eye Palette in Mocha - it's not too shimmery which unless it's a gold or silver I tend to not be crazy about. And lastly, what is one of my wishlists without a book. Deep Dark Fears by Fran Krause caught my eye probably because I'm still raving over Stranger Things (I NEED SEASON TWO). The book itself is a "collection of comics that explores our most gruesome, hilarious, and bizare fears - and the dangers lurking around every corner." Sounds like the perfect hold over until ST returns. 


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  1. I can't believe that bag is F21! It's amazing, love it.

    1. I know right?! It is far from the usual suspects I see in the F21 accessory section. They stepping up!