October Wishlist

9:00 AM

This is extremely late in the month and I'm feeling really awful about that, but I've been insanely swamped in October! This wishlist actually was completely different when I started it back in the beginning of the month but when I revisited it I realized I wanted to change some picks. I tend to be a loyalist when it comes to fashion. I'll buy the same colors, same styles over and over again. My goal with this wishlist was to take a few fashion "risks" for me at least mixed with a couple lust worthy items.  

I tend to stick to black structured bags but broke that recently when buying one that had a rather abstract print to it. I surprisingly love this suede mini bucket bag, the color, the hardware, it's awesome. Likewise with shoes I usually stick to a rather standard format so it was extremely shocking that I bought a pair of silver sock boots (which I am obsessed with). These sparkle silver pumps make me think of being little kid but in a cool way. I am always hunting around for a new scent. I'd like to gravitate to something perhaps not as 'well known'. Byredo's Mojave Ghost ticks all my boxes. 

I've been loving massive oversized shirts lately. They are just so cozy. This silky red one is so pretty. Paired with tried and true ripped knee denim is always an A+ look. Topping it off with this gorgeous marble necklace is just the icing on the cake.  

I feel like I always say this but I'm trying to steer away from make up. Colourpop has kidnapped my wallet. Instead I'm looking to luxe skincare like this Josie Maran balm. I use my record player rather frequently and while I love it the built in speakers are rather crummy. I've heard excellent things about this Marshall speaker, and at that price tag I'd hope so! And lastly, I always love a good tea mug


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  1. I love these picks! That silk blouse tho.... <3
    I too am obsessed with fragrance (and want something that others are not wearing)!!!
    I read the description and it looks amazing. Im interested to know more about what attracts you to a scent. what are your boxes that need to be ticked?

    1. Right? Ugh so dreamy!

      Not to write an essay but.... The first box is: I tend to like fragrances that are more "masculine" or "strong". Guys and even sales girls try to point me in the direction of very fruity, sweet scents (I guess it's because it looks like it's something I would wear) but I hate those! My go to scent for two years now has been Tom Ford's Velvet Orchid which is rich, spicy and a little floral. So I tend to look for perfumes that have more "masculine" bases - in Mojave Ghost's case Amber and Sandalwood.

      My second box is: I like to find things that people don't typically wear haha. Outlier scents from a particular brand, a small homegrown brand from Etsy, more upscale brands that aren't sold in department stores... I don't know too many people that wear Velvet Orchid and even when I tell them what it is they'll come back to me and say "Oh I got a sample, it smells great on you but is far too strong for me." I think sometimes people get intimidated by a strong, masculine perfume - or even something that isn't heavily advertised or has a ton of people wearing it - which is what draws me to them.

      Another box - and as superficial as this is - is packaging. I love sleek bottles or simple packaging. I used to be a Marc Jacobs fan but I just can't get on board with the ornateness anymore - the floral tops, ladybugs, purses... it's all too much haha.

      And the last is longevity - how long does this perfume last throughout the day. A friend of mine wears a different Byredo perfume and promised me it lasts all day. Cause if I'm paying $100+ for perfume that stuff better make me smell good from 9 to 5 and beyond.