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I've been thinking a lot about the direction I want to take my blog in. I love writing about fashion, I love watching fashion, I love indulging in fashion! But I don't feel as if that's all I am. I have many friends that blog and I get so inspired by everything they do - and instantly jealous (in the best, most supportive way) when they think of and create something that I'm like damn, I wish I did that! That's why I really am excited to share with you The Society of Excellent Women created by my three friends and fellow bloggers, Office Goth (Rosemary) & Charm Collectiv. I've written about Charm Collectiv (a.k.a. Brittany and Emma) before when they held a fantastic summer soirée and I love and support everything the three of them do. So I barely could contain my excitement when 1. Rosemary hinted to me about a super secret event they were planning and 2. When I was asked to vote on a favorite logo option and nearly DIED once I saw them and started putting the pieces together. Years of wikipedia reading and lurking has made me feel like I am some sort of P.I. 

So now that I've sucked you in with a gorgeous logo that is both patch and pin worthy, what is SoEW about? It's about making friends, bringing excellent women together to hang out in a super casual non intimidating environment. It's not about self-promotion, networking, or business. It's just about celebrating excellent, bad ass, talented, cool women!

Honestly, I feel like I'm borderline obsessive at this point. Rosemary, Brittany and Emma are probably like... what have we done?! This girl is bonkers. BUT I absolutely love this, I don't feel like I have much trouble making friends or meeting people (not trying to toot my own horn but....). I'm loud, like to think I'm kind of funny, and (try to be!) nice to everyone. But I'm always open to meeting new people and introducing my friends to potential new friends making the friend group bigger. I also love the idea of women supporting women. Especially this day in age where there are tons of bloggers/entrepreneurs/etc out there trying to make a name for themselves that sometimes there is so much competition (or so much pressure for competition) between women to top one another. I love collaboration between women and the creation of a community that supports and helps one another. For me... I hope it'll give me inspiration on what I want to do with my little space on the web.

If you're from the Baltimore (or surrounding area) please consider attending their first (boozy slushie!) event next Monday! I'll absolutely be there - you won't be able to miss me, I'll be the loud girl with more than likely brain freeze. Or if you can't attend, plan your own SoEW event. You can find the details here, and please check out Rosemary's, Brittany's, and Emma's blogs and other social medias. I've included them at the bottom to make it real easy for ya.  

Hope to see you there! xx

Rosemary: Twitter // Blog // Instagram
Brittany: Twitter // Instagram // Tea
Emma: Twitter // Instagram
Charm Collectiv: Twitter // Blog // Instagram

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  1. Thank you SO much for coming and being so supportive of all our endeavors. You might know a lot of people and have no problem striking up a convo but that makes you another integral part of supporting and connecting with other women. There are ladies out there that are excellent but are also shy or nervous about meeting new people and girl, that's where you jump in and you welcome everyone and you toss that nervousness right out the door. You truly inspire me to do the same. When we met, I was still breaking out of my shy shell (ok I'm still working on that) but I never would have had the guts to be the one to say hello. And if we hadn't met I can't even begin to think of all the other wonderful people I wouldn't know or the fun things I wouldn't have been a part of. You're a true gem and seriously, an inspiration - just what someone looking for a new friend needs! <3