December Wishlist

9:00 AM

It's December! Can you believe it!? The year just flew by and here I am scrambling to figure out what to ask for Christmas as my mama keeps pestering me for a list. I'm not very good with receiving gifts, I much prefer to give gifts and I have a hard time asking for things because I always figure well... I make money I can buy it myself! My brother one year had to demand that I don't buy a single thing in December (for myself) because I kept buying gifts he was planing to get me. This wishlist is a bit all over the place.... but they are a few things I'd like to see under the tree. 

I haven't had this foundation in ages because of it's price point, but it's quite honestly the most fantastic foundation I have ever used. Perhaps someone will be kind of enough to splurge on it for me. I've been trying to wear glasses more often because I'm sure me wearing contacts everyday isn't doing wonders for my eyes (as wonderful as they are). The minute I saw these Goodney frames from Warby Parker I knew I needed them. I tried them on recently and they are prefect, my brother agreed. I adore vinyls but try to only buy albums I really enjoy the entirety of or at least get a good bargain on. I've asked for a couple different ones from my parents (Art Angels by Grimes, Either album by The 1975...) with them promising they'll only do one... not all... they're expensive! I am an insanely massive Foals fan so I'd love any of their albums on vinyl.

I am in desperate need a new tumbler to drink my iced tea from in the morning. My old Lilly Pulitzer one broke so I've been cold drink-less for a while now. This pink floral one from is so pretty. I always try to get a brand new calendar at the end of the year to hang on my corkboard. I love pretty florals or illustrations. Rifle Paper Co. always has such lovely paper goods so I wouldn't mind hanging this one up. I have no idea what it is but I have been dying for a pair of sparkly boots. Maybe it's my inner Dorothy of Wizard of Oz coming out but how amazing do these gold glitter boots look? Perfect for New Year's. 

During the Thanksgiving holiday I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with my mama and we loved it. As a huge Harry Potter fan I absolutely need this gorgeous screenplay book for my collection and have already asked her for it. Long story short I was robbed a month ago and my well loved Kate Spade wallet was taken. I haven't gotten around to getting a new one... yet... but I'm still starry eyed over Saint Laurent's wallets. The price is a little extravagant so I don't expect to get this exact one but a girl can dream. Along with necessities, a phone case for my iPhone 7 is in desperate need. I haven't dropped it yet but I have anxiety carrying it around caseless. I love this Palm Tree one from Casetify as we all should know by know palm print... is my favorite print. 

And that's what I'm hoping for this Christmas! Anything you have your heart set on? I'll be making some gift guides in the upcoming weeks for friends, family, etc. Keep an eye on that! 

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Natural Foundation in Light Cool from Sephora $63 // Goodney Glasses from Warby Parker $95 // Foals Holy Fire EP from Urban Outfitters $25 // Sip Sip Tumbler in Lady of Leisure from $14 // Paradise 2017 Calendar from Anthropologie $26 // Gold Glitter Boots from River Island $50 // Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Screenplay from Barnes & Noble $28 // Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Wallet from Net A Porter $645 // Under the Palm Trees iPhone 7 case from Casetify $40 

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