Drugstore Forever Favorites

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Who doesn't love a good drugstore beauty or skincare purchase? When you find something you feel great buying again and again not only because the price is affordable but because it actually works. I've used literally hundreds of different brands (damn you Sephora and Ulta) looking for the perfect this or that and while I do have some big budget favorites I also have some tried and true bargain picks. Here are my forever favorites for beauty and skincare from your local drugstore.

c.Booth Honey Almond Body Butter
I ADORE this stuff. At only $6 you get a nice big tub of it and it's fantastic. During the Fall/Winter my skin turns into a sad, dry desert. I usually turn to body butters instead of lotion for this situation because I need that extra creaminess to save my skin. However a lot of body butters tend to be too thick and leave a sticky residue behind so I simply can't win. However, this stuff literally sinks into your skin leaving it incredibly soft, smooth, and moisturized. Plus I love the light sent of honey and almond... I almost want to eat it.

Boots No7 Dramatic Lift Mascara
I'm pretty sure I've owned nearly all of the Boots mascaras. But my tried and trues are Dramatic Lift and the Extravagant Volume. I've used SO many different mascaras from really high end (hello YSL Babydoll) to extremely inexpensive. However I always come back to No7. I use to be loyal to Extravagant Volume however one day on a whim decided to mix it up with Dramatic Lift which has now been my go to. What I like about it is that it doesn't transfer to my under eyes throughout the day even though it is not waterproof and it really lengthens and lifts my lashes. It also leaves them feeling soft and natural, not crispy. Plus it's only $10.

e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator
This was one of those well, why the hell not, kind of buys. My lips are always chapped. I used to use Lush's lip scrubs but one, I'm not crazy about beauty products I have to dip my fingers into and two, it was SO expensive for such a little jar. This $3 wonder is perfect because it comes in a lipstick shaped bullet, smells and tastes sweetly of sugar, and lasts me ages. I've gone through two in like probably 3 years. It's my life saver that I use before applying matte lipstick.

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil is my go to for dang near everything. Make up remover - check. Hair treatment - check. Lip Balm - check. Undereye cream - check. Just make sure to buy virgin/unrefined but you don't need to spend a ton of money on the most expensive 'brand'. My brother gave to me the jar I use now when he went on a coconut oil buying spree so I believe it's one of the more 'expensive' coconut oils but I've used an $8 jar from Target in the past that was perfect.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water & Makeup Remover
I'm completely addicted to this stuff. I have no idea if the 'benefits' really work but I do love swiping it over my just washed face before bedtime to catch any grime or make up I may have missed and in the morning when I wake up to refresh my face before applying make up. I've gone through two bottles of the stuff and keep it very close.

SEVENTEEN Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner Tattoo Me
Okay so I'm cheating a bit on this one. It's TECHNICALLY a drugstore product... but one that's only available abroad. When I went to London a few years ago I forgot my eyeliner, in desperation I popped into Boots and bought this one because it was £5 and seemed like a good deal. Well let me say, this is the best bargain eyeliner I have ever used and I honestly weep over the fact I can't get it in the U.S. On my way home I bought two additional tubes of it to last me till my next trip back which sadly hasn't been as recent as I've hoped. It's ultra pigmented, easy to apply thanks to the thin brush and does not budge period. I'm publicly BEGGING Seventeen to bring this to America. I will be your top buyer, and hype girl. 

Do you have any drugstore forever favorites? Or anything I missed that I should check out? Let me know! 

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