Society of Excellent Women: Slushie Social

9:00 AM

I meant to post something about this ages ago, but as usual life got in the way, personal circumstances set me back a bit.... and it's my style to reflect back now months after the fact. I posted about the Society of Excellent Women last month on here and their first event, a Slushie Social at Wet City. Hosted and created by my friends it was one event that I was so excited for that even being kind of sick wouldn't keep me away from it. Since this happened a month ago, to the day, I wanted to share with you a gathering of amazing women.

Draft bar inspired by Scandinavian craft beer culture is apparent in it's minimal decor with soft white and pink walls. Named Wet City after Baltimore's resistance to prohibition making it the 'prime port of call for the nation's bootleggers' and the 'wettest state in the union." 

While I skipped the brews and opted for a spiked slushie (see photo above... yum) I did indulge in some of their amazing popcorn creations. Who would have thought I needed bacon AND an egg on my popcorn? I've been dreaming about it ever since. 

As mentioned above the Society of Excellent Women idea was created by my friends: Rosemary, Brittney and Emma. Incredible Baltimore blogging ladies, they have their hands in many different projects. Outside of Charm Collectiv, Brittany creates and sells amazing tea at Wight Tea Co and Emma does creative wonders with UMBC's Common Vision

Rosemary, Brittany and Emma passed out official S.E.W. member cards and adorable pins at the event for all the ladies that made it. While mine were tragically stolen (sobbing emoji) I'm still so obsessed with the design and am waiting for my opportunity to swipe a new one.

If you missed the first event, never fear. The ladies have another one up their sleeves for next year - keep your eyes out for that. Or host your own S.E.W. event

(All Photos Mine Except: S.E.W. Group Photo: from The Office Goth and Pin/Card Photo: from Marissa Lucero's Instagram)

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