On New Year Resolutions...

12:14 PM

I'm not one for New Year Resolutions because I know myself, and I know I never keep them. So goals at the start of the New Year tend to be the furthest thing in my mind. However, it's hard when you have super cool, talented, gal pals that are posting about their goals and think damn okay maybe I should have SOME sort of goal. Case in point I loved my friend's Rosemary's goals for 2017 which focus on self care and family and Currie's reflections post

So I suppose I have a FEW things I'd like to try and accomplish in 2017 even if they are super minimal and should be lifestyle basics at this point.
  1. Stop Spending on Unnecessary Things - This is a big one for me. I find it hard to save because I have so many bills - Student Loans, Car Payment, Phone, etc etc. But I don't make it any easier by constantly being persuade to spend thanks to inexpensive clothes and make up (I'm looking at you Colourpop and Boohoo). I've decided that I really want to make a serious effort to stop buying things I don't need so that I can save up for more exciting things - like traveling, or more permanent things opposed to cheaply made items. I truly have enough make up to last a lifetime and I can get by on the clothes I have. I'm looking to many trips in 2017, gotta start using up my vacation time!
  2. Focus On My "Core" Friends - I'm definitely the more the merrier type of person, but that also tends to result in me wearing myself thin by trying to accommodate every event, every outing, and every friend. Obviously I don't want to push anyone out of my life, but I do want to make an effort to focus on the friends that always have my back, that support me, and that care about me - as I do them - over people that I may see once in a blue moon for a beer. 
  3. Detox From Technology - I've actually been doing a decent job of this but I want to do better. I've established a rather lofty goal of books I'd like to read this year over on Goodreads - which me luck - and I've been listening to podcasts before bed instead of the internet or TV (I actually got rid of my TV completely in July of last year and it's been fantastic). I'd like to be more informed about the world around me especially with the political climate that has been surrounding us. 
  4. Find A "Job" I Love - Not necessarily a new job by any means but find something that I like to do and want to pursue. I have so many friends that have side "jobs" that they love and it makes me insanely jealous. From my friend Brittany and her tea company, Aaron and his photography and DJing, Shae + Julia + Danielle with their insanely successful  blog 30th & Weldon. I want to find my niche and allow myself to bloom.
And that's it really! Nice and short, and fairly do-able. Here's to hoping 2017 is much better than 2016! 
(Photo by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia)

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