Society of Excellent Women: February Meet Up

9:00 AM

I'm sure you are all sick of me talking about Society of Excellent Women events at this point, but sorry, I can't quit them. For February they put together what I'm going to go ahead and call a "Galentine's Day" event. At the Saturday February Meet Up there was an abundance of pink, from the signature cocktail (which my mama has not stopped talking about) to the amazing wall you see above made by the most lovely Rosemary to hints of pink in the attendee's outfits. In continuing with my Babes Support Babes posts, I wanted to share with you a few pictures and details of their most recent event, hopefully inspiring you to check out their next one!

Rosemary, Emma, and Brittany really thought of everything for the event, from the delicious cotton candy - which I honestly have not had in YEARS so it was a great treat, to the girl power inspired playlist, Valentine's card making with Baltimore Ladies Draw, to the all women vendors selling and promoting their businesses. All held at Wax and Wane Fiber, a fiber studio and dye kitchen. Gotta love Girl Bosses!

I've been trying to cut back on my spending for 2017 - I have plans of going to Brookyln for a week-ish, among other trips - but I had been wanting one of the 30th & Weldon candles for AGES (I scooped up the Lavender and Coconut one since I have an obsession with coconut scented things), and one of Annie Parker's of Ann Margaret Ceramics Evil Eye items. Sort of regretting not getting one of the planter pots - I purchased an adorable little ring bowl - but I absolutely want it all so I'm sure I'll be picking another up in the future!

I was really heartbroken I couldn't buy more from the other vendors - but I do have my eye on a couple things for the future! But absolutely check them out and support them: Amazing, amazing art by Corrine McBreen she does ADORABLE pet portraits and I'm already planning on making an commission for a piece for my mama's birthday of her dog. Vintage and handmade jewelry & more with new to Baltimore, Alex Jackson. For more jewelry Rachel Bachman creates beautiful and playful wooden necklaces. 

 Hey Thanks Herbal Co - a small batch apothecary - provided
handcrafted herbal products for body, health and home. Fun, quirky clothing and jewelry was on display thanks to Monster Lou. For delicious treats Rooster & Hen were prepared to feed the masses. More art and incredibly fun bikini pillows were being sold by Steph Stillwell. Last but not least, I've mentioned them before on here, Brightside Boutique where selling items from their Brightside The Label. I'm personally a big fan of this Girl Power shirt

And I can't forget sharing this photo of me with my mama - easily a very excellent woman.
I'll be heading to another Galentine's event tonight hosted by the 30th & Weldon gals, so keep an eye for an upcoming post on that!


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