A Face Full of Glossier

12:00 PM

I know it's been ages since I last posted. We last left off with me writing daily about Fashion Month when I sort of felt... tired. I started to feel as if I was forcing myself to look at all these shows, spend the bulk of my evenings up late, catching up on everything I missed during the day so that I could draft a post in time for the next morning and I wasn't enjoying it. Don't get me wrong, I still love fashion! And I liked looking at the shows, it just began to become almost a chore. I still feel like it will be a part of this blog, but I was definitely less and less inspired by the runway shows than in the past. 

Being constantly surrounded by amazing talented women everyday made me want to shift focus. So for my first post "back" I wanted to share with you recent purchases from Glossier, every laid back chick's favorite make up brand. I've been using a few of Glossier's products for a while now but recently bought a few new bits most appropriately on International Women's Day.

Emily Weiss, boss lady, CEO, blogger, lady inspiration, seriously defines the effortless cool I strive to achieve. I've been wanting to pare back my make up collection as I have way more than I ever need and barely use any of it. Plus I've been a bit over being "made up" I wanted to streamline my daily face and look more, well, like me. I love Glossier because it's no fuss, easy, and really works wonders.

While it's not pictured, I've been a loyal user of their Milky Jelly Cleanser for over a year now. It's honestly the only cleanser I ever want to use. It's gentle and doesn't dry my skin out yet really gets off all my daily grime. I recommend it to everyone. The other product I am obsessed with is their Flavored Balm Dotcom in Coconut. I had a tube that I only half used up before I tragically lost it at a bar nearly a year ago. I mourned for days and then put off buying a new one because I kept telling myself... well I have plenty of other balms I can use.... not the same. I like to use it (obviously) on my lips, and I tend to dab a bit on my eyelids. The scent makes me think of a tropical vacation without being synthetic. 

For a few new things:  I had Haloscope in Quartz in my bins for a while now and sort of fell out of love with it, simply to recently fall back in love with it. I've been gravitating towards ultra glittery highlighters for months but lately I've been reaching for this more dewy option. It feels a bit more natural and less Instagram model - which is nice! I had been eying the Generation G Lipstick in Cake for longer than I want to admit so I knew it had to be the first thing I bought once I made the plunge. It's a great my lips but better color, is easy to swipe on without needing to prep or apply with a mirror. Lastly the new Cloud Paints was what finally made me decide to put in my order. I've been itching to find a blush that felt and looked incredibly natural. The Cloud Paints are virtually impossible to mess up when applying and it looks beautiful. I purchased Dusk, but I've been thinking about getting Haze next... or just maybe all four. 

I'm sure you all know, but if you're looking for a way to make your make up routine more fuss free support Emily Weiss and Glossier. xx

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