Bmore IRL by The Bmore Creatives

12:00 PM

If you're a Baltimore resident (and an avid social media user) you are more than likely familiar with The Bmore Creatives. Created by Lucie Camp and Alexa Gaines the Instagram account gathers and shares photos of Baltimore from people using the hashtag #thebmorecreatives on one account allowing a unique, personal, and unexpected perspective of the city seen from it's residents.

There are plenty of wonderful places and hidden gems in Baltimore that are typically over looked or are not looked at, at all, over the more touristy options. There are only SO MANY photos I can see of the Inner Harbor before I lose my mind. Their instagram has also been a great opportunity to showcase local spots, local artists, and small businesses. Not to mention creating a great community of fellow creatives!

In February they announced plans for Bmore IRL, presented by them and Wet City (I've talked about them before here). A pop-up gallery running from March 16th through March 30th featuring photographs by "some of Baltimore's most avid Instagrammers". By using the hashtag "bmoreIRL" on your Instagram photos (no more than 5) you "submitted" your photo as an entry for consideration. The Bmore Creative ladies (and Wet City) selected 50 to print, hang, and make available for purchase by gallery visitors with proceeds going to the artist.

I absolutely knew I wanted to go to the event. Seeing The Bmore Creatives Instagram in real life?! Are you kidding me?! No way am I missing it. I submitted I think, maybe two or three of my own Instagram photos for consideration assuming it was a shot in the dark. When taking a peak through the hashtag there were so many AMAZING photo entries, I figured I hadn't a chance.

Wet City, as always, is one photographic restaurant with it's (millennial!) pink walls and their ultra cute beer glasses with their logos printed them. I didn't partake in any food this time, huge mistake on my part, as watching Alexa eat their Wet City Burger and Carisa their Banh Mi sandwich certainly made me drool. I did, however, drink their Now I Am Death, Destroyer of Worlds by Adroit Theory Triple IPA (Orange Grapefruit & Papaya Aromatics, crisp bitterness, semi-sweet malt body). Because with a name like that... how could I not? It was calling me.... potentially, named for me....

I highly encourage you to check out the gallery and see all of the wonderful photos that were selected, not to mention to try some of Wet City's delicious brews and tasty foods. As mentioned above it runs till March 30th with each print for sale! And look who made the cut.....

This photo I took back in January was picked! Trust me I was was incredibly shocked - I really didn't think, against all the other entries, mine held a candle to them. Other friends of mine that have their photos on display are: Rosemary K. of Office Goth, Kyle Huff, Elise Richard of Caturday Style and Raqui Brown. Check out their Instas and websites! You won't be disappointed.

Congrats and thank you to Lucie and Alexa for putting on such a wonderful event! If you're interested in reading more about the ladies behind the feed check out this fantastic interview they did with Baltimore Magazine


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