Girl Gang Brunch

12:00 PM

If there is one thing I know about Baltimore, it's that we take brunch very, very seriously. Especially once the weather gets nice, weekly Sunday Brunch becomes my friends and my replacement for church. Appropriately enough we all refer to ourselves as members of the "Church of Brunch". It had been a while since we girls all got together to have a Girl Gang Brunch so we all felt right back at home indulging in bottomless mimosas and breakfast foods this past weekend. We also were able to introduce my friend's sister to her first brunch which was quite an adventure in itself.

There are probably hundreds of places in the city that offer Sunday Brunch specials, but I'm about to share with you a few of my favorites.

  • The Waterfront Hotel - A historic bar in Fells Point right by, you guessed it, the waterfront. They offer one of the best bang for your buck brunch deals. Bottomless Mimosas/Bloody Marys/Screwdrivers or Natty Bohs for $12 from 10am to 2pm with the purchase of a meal. Since a pint usually costs between $5-6 throw back two and you'll break even (but I won't judge if you have five or six). I'm a huge fan of their Croque-Madam which I get practically every time I go. However, I also highly recommend their Bacon Cheeseburger Omelette and their BBQ Breakfast Bowl.
  • Smaltimore - A Canton spot where me and my best friend usually end up - because it's literally around the corner from her house but also because they are insanely friendly and have great food. You gotta get there early for the bottomless specials (Bohs, Mimosas and Bloody's). They open at 9am but the $10 bottomless only run till 12pm. I'm pretty obsessed with their Smaltimore Bowl and if you ask nicely you can get a Donut Burger that is to die for. 
  • Myth & Moonshine - Now, if you are looking for all booze no ice definitely make your way to Myth & Moonshine, another Canton spot. Their $10 bottomless mimosas are not only served in those extra large wine glasses but come completely ice free - and are heavy on the champagne. So if you're trying to get loopy Sunday morning in a jiff grab some food and pound back a few mimosas and you'll be set. 
  • Ale Mary's - Our last Canton restaurant. If you're not keen on mimosas head to Ale Mary's for brunch from 10am to 3pm. Instead of the traditional brunch drink specials they have some tasty margaritas for $3. They too have a Donut Burger which is a bit more breakfast-y with a sausage patty instead of a burger patty and an amazing breakfast burrito. The portions are HUGE so come hungry.
  • Loch Bar - If you're feeling spendy Loch Bar is a beautiful little spot over in Harbor Point attached to the Four Seasons. While the mimosas might be cheep ($2 a glass) they are small - think champagne flutes. But the food is tasty and who knows, you may run into a Ravens or Orioles player!

Share with me your brunch spot favorites or your hidden brunch gems! I have a few more places up my sleeve maybe I'll have to wright up a Girl Gang Brunch round up part two. 

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