Illustrations by Corrine McBreen

12:00 PM

I had been itching to buy a custom piece from Frederick, Maryland artist Corrine McBreen for ages. A friend of many good friends of mine I have seen her wonderful pet portraits pop up all over their instagrams and immediately wanted one. Problem is, I don't have a pet. Well, I have a pet fish named Pete but Corrine typically paints dogs and cats - I didn't think a fish would have had the same effect. 

Back in February I attended and took my mother to the February Society of Excellent Women event where Corrine was a vendor. My mama loved her paintings and spent a lot of time looking at them and talking to Corrine. That's when the idea hit me, I may not have a pet, but my mama does and her birthday will be swiftly approaching. What would make a more perfect gift than a custom pet portrait of her beloved pup Buddy? 

Corrine is an absolute angel and working with her is a dream. I'm extremely laid back and would never want to dictate to an artist how they should create their art so I pretty much gave free reign to Corrine to do what she liked. Obviously I sent her some pictures of Buddy, shared with her his name, but then let her take it from there. When she sent me a photo for the final product I nearly cried (and immediately wanted to keep it). She really captured Buddy's personality and cuteness. I know that it's something my mother will treasure forever.

Rather soon after that Corrine painted me (eep!!!) in a magical fairy style. Honestly, it's something I never thought I would 'ask' for because I hate having photos taken of me and actively avoid being in them (something I've been working on). I think I'm insanely awkward and would hate to come off as vain by making a request like that. So to put myself out there and say "hey, I love your work so much please let me pay you to paint me" was a huge hurtle and something I had to convince myself was not entirely self-absorbed. I love the painting so much and I literally grin like a maniac every time I see it in my room. 

Please take a peak at Corrine's gorgeous work on her website here, and reach out to her about your pets, friends, family, etc! I already have ideas for paintings I want to reach out to her about in the future for friends of mine. Also follow her on instagram where you can see snippets of her work in progress and finished pieces! 


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