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You may have seen things looking a bit different on this blog. The layout looked the same.... but the posts weren't in the same vein of what I usually post. I've been quietly rolling out a "new blog" of sorts. I mentioned a few posts back about how I was tired of posting about fashion. I felt like another out of many in an echo chamber of fashion bloggers and found less and less enjoyment in writing about it. What I have found joy in writing is about my friends, about local events, shops, people I support. So now, The Sartorial Edit is no more.... for something new, The Kith and The Kin. You can read the new about me here, but in short it's a place for me to share a bit of my life and the things/people/places I love.

What to expect? Well lots of babes supporting babes posts, local hidden gems, favorite local artists, events, and more. I want to make this a destination where people can see that community is far more important today than competition, and that the connections you make with people in life can truly inspire you. I hope you follow me along in this new journey! I'll be making tweaks here and there as I go and I'm sure there will be hiccups along the way but I'm excited to be able to post things I am truly passionate and excited about without feeling as if I am sacrificing the content of my blog. Also never fear, there will still be fashion related posts for those interested! 

To sort of close one chapter but begin another I'm going to share with you an fashion related event I attended at Boutique 44 in Baltimore. My friend Rosemary graciously invited me to be her plus one to Tastemakers, Tea & Tonic a few nights ago. I honestly definitely don't see myself as a tastemaker... or fashionable (when compared to my ULTRA fashionable friends) but I had been itching to take a peak at Boutique 44 for a while so what is a better reason than to surround yourself with awesome women and tasty drinks?

Amanda Gill, owner of Boutique 44 has created such an amazing shop that is definitely more than meets the eye. For starters the space is MASSIVE and there are so many things to look at from jewelry to home goods to yes, fantastic clothing. I also spied my friend Brittany's tea on their shelves among other local sellers. Unfortunately money is tight this week so I was unable to purchase anything but there were dozens of things I loved and wanted.... just gotta wait till payday. A few highlights for me was an adorable black and white spotted dress, an olive green pleated midi skirt, and a striped duster jacket (where if you look hard enough in the mirror of the photo below you can see a sneaky peak of it).

For the event Amanda partnered with many local vendors, artisans and artists to create an incredibly dreamy evening. With the assistance of Giuletta Pinna of Limonata Creative the space really captured the theme of a Victorian Tea Party with dark, romantic flowers, plenty of candles, vintage books, and platters upon platters of tasty finger foods.  

Bakeamore provided two gorgeous and delicious cakes, of which everyone was both keen and wary to dig into - they were almost too pretty to eat! Bakeamore is an amazing venture where they bake to raise money for charities meaning: they make you stunning cakes and make NO PROFIT. All their earnings are donated to a charity at the end of the month. I strongly encourage you to consider them for your next event - and yes I had a piece of cake and it was phenomenal. 

Cocktails were provided by the lovely Brittany and her brother Joey of Wight Tea Co which incorporated their teas into the cocktails! Featuring two drinks: Peach on the Beach their Tropical Green Tea (my personal favorite) with dark rum, peach schapps and coconut La Croix and Violet Rose with a special tea to be released, Bombay Sapphire and elderflower liquor which, I didn't get a video of it but, changed colors from blue to violet! Trust me on this one.

Last but not least, I didn't get a photo of her in action but my ultra talented friend Currie Lee was on hand taking photos of everyone in front of a beautiful backdrop. Even my awkward self was convinced to hop in front of the camera so we'll see how that goes! I know Currie's photos are amazing... I however... am quite the other story. 

I'm sure I probably missed mentioning someone who participated! I tried to keep it all in my head as I was meeting people but sometimes I just can't keep it all together! Please check out everyone involved and also please please please check out Boutique 44! I guarantee you, you won't be disappointed.


Boutique 44: 318 Wyndhurst Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210
And follow them on Instagram!

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Am so glad you enjoyed the cake.You have a lovely blog.

    1. Your cakes were AMAZING!! Thank YOU for taking the time to read my blog! xx