Boozy Babes Book Club: The Woman In Cabin 10

12:00 PM

This month for Boozy Babes Book Club we dived into The Woman in Cabin 10. Written by Ruth Ware the novel involves a travel journalist, Lo Blacklock who lands a major gig. She gets to report, and spend a week, on an intimate luxury cruise line that accommodates only a handful of cabins. Despite it's elegant veneer Lo witnesses what she believes to be a woman being thrown overboard. However, when she reports it to the security on deck they cask doubt on her claims as all the passengers and crew remain accounted for. Lo, however, refuses to believe that it was in her imagination and does an investigation of her our bringing her closer and closer to the truth. 

I'm a huge mystery fan. Growing up the first book that really got me into reading was And Then There Where None by Agatha Christie which still counts as one of my favorite books to this day. That being said I was extremely excited to dive in to a mystery book for book club. The plot sounded interesting and it had high praise from other readers. My take....

I honestly was rather disappointed in it. The first half I flew through, right out the bat Ruth Ware gives you excitement and I was excited to get to the meat of the book. However, I was quick to figure out the plot twist - not entirely but the gist of it - and felt like the ending dragged on a bit too long. The main character, Lo, was incredibly unlikable to the point where even when she was in danger I simply could not care enough to feel anything other than relief to possibly not read about her anymore (harsh I know). I really wanted to like this book as I feel that the majority of mystery novels I read are not written by contemporary writers. 

But maybe I'm wrong! Read the book, share with me your thoughts if you've read it! I don't want to give too much of it away but how did you feel about the ending-ending? The characters? The big reveal? Or if you're free come join us in discussing the book at R. House on Friday, April 29th. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this one! 

Our next Boozy Babes Book Club meeting will be held on:
 April 29th, 7pm at R. House
 301 W. 29th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211


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