Late Night at The Bun Shop

1:47 PM

Like most discoveries in my life this one was found thanks to book club. A friend suggested this coffee shop in Mt. Vernon as a meeting spot for me and my book club co-host, Cassie, to plan out what would become Boozy Babes Book Club over a year ago. Instantly I fell in love with the place. Hard to miss with a store front window like that, this is not your neighborhood Starbucks - which is a good thing. 

Known for their sweet and savory buns: pork buns, empanadas, rotiboys, garlic knots and more on a rotating schedule. They are easy to grab and go, or to savor while staying inside. What makes this coffee shop different than any other coffee shop? Well for starters, the hours. Going from 7am until 3pm you can pop in for your morning coffee or if you're a night owl get a caffeine fix while cramming for an exam or working on a project (I've seen many JHU and MICA students fill up the store). Also it is BYOB with no corkage fee. So if you're looking for a cozy spot to relax and have a drink this is it. (Keep in mind this is for the Reed Street location, their second location on Light Street has different hours etc. See details below.)

The space itself is loftlike, with cozy couches (that most of which honestly have probably seen better days but it's part of the charm!) and a dark interior. Instead of individual tables Reed Street's The Bun Shop forces you to get friendly with your neighbors using communal tables and benches (if you're not lucky enough to snag a couch or one of their very few individual tables). Additional decor includes a piano if you're feeling brave to perform, old library file cabinets, green plants and little hidden surprises like in the photo below. Can you spot the dinosaurs?

 I usually try to park myself on one of their cozy couches but it comes as no surprise they are normally taken up quickly. I can't speak for the coffee as I'm more a tea drinker but I have heard amazing things about their Vietnamese coffee. And their chai tea latte - my normal go to - is tasty. I've also had nearly all of the buns they offer and have yet to be disappointed. It's a great quiet spot with soft music, dim lighting, and great atmosphere. Perfect for curling up with a book and breaking away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you're looking for a lovely late night spot away from the crowds, or a midday out of office work place definitely check out The Bun Shop. And if a bun can't fill you up, round the corner and you'll find Wet City, which I've talked about before here & here!

The Bun Shop has two locations:
239 W. Read Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
Mon - Sun 7am to 3am BYOB
22 Light Street, Baltimore MD 21202
Mon-Sun 7am to 11pm NO BYOB (yet)


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