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10:24 AM

I wanted to quickly share with you a delicious treat I got to indulge in Sunday afternoon with fellow bloggers, Rosemary aka Office Goth, Elise aka Caturday Style and Carisa aka Legally Charming Style. Making our way to Mount Vernon there was a tasty little pop up for Cookie Dough & Co - yes you are reading that sign right - edible cookie dough! 

If you're anything like me I CANNOT resist when making cookies or brownies to eat a bit of the batter. I know it's bad, but I like to live on the wild side. Cookie Dough & Co are making an egg-less version of cookie dough, so you can eat one of your dirty secrets without fear of death. Currently taking residence in Mount Vernon Marketplace you can't miss their booth in an explosion of pink and glitter.

Part of me wanted to stick with the classic and simply get Chocolate Chip, but knowing it was a pop up - and not knowing when I would have it again - I went with "unicorn". I know... I'm piggybacking on a trend. I will say that it is very rich, and sweet. I don't recommend going for two scoops unless you have an insane sweet tooth (but wouldn't judge you if you did). I definitely enjoyed it but barely made through my one scoop, deciding to take it home and save the rest for later. I went this past Sunday but never fear if you missed it! They will be at Mount Vernon Marketplace again this weekend (May 27th and 28th) from Noon to 5 (or until sold out). Go check it out!

If you need anymore convincing take a look at me, Elise's and Rosemary's cookie dough scoops! Yum. Lastly keep an eye on this space over the next few days or so where I share some details about my first boat ride!

Please follow Cookie Dough & Co's Instagram here for more updates.
Also don't forget Mount Vernon Marketplace's Instagram here.

Mount Vernon Marketplace
520 Park Ave, Baltimore MD 21201
Sunday - Thursday 11am to 10pm
Friday - Saturday 11am to 12am

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