Floral & Fun Lunch Cruise

12:00 PM

Before last Sunday I had never been on a boat. Okay, well as it turns out, after making this damning confession to my friends Rosemary and Elise that, that is a lie. I technically have been on a ferry from Jersey to New York. But that doesn't really count right? It's not a boat if you don't get served a two course meal with dessert and can sit on the top in a lounge chair. To me... that makes a real boat! Or at least a by definition a cruise boat. 

Elise, of Caturday Style, who is an absolute angel, invited me on a Floral and Fun Lunch Cruise on the Spirit of Baltimore located in the Inner Harbor with a few other blogger ladies including Brittany of Charm Collectiv, Carisa of Legally Charming Style, Currie Lee,  Rosemary of Office Goth and Taliah of Fashion Was Here.

I was excited for the new experience and to see if I could earn my sea legs (or if I would have wished I stayed on land). Everyone was extremely gracious and attentive going above and beyond my expectations. Our table was beautifully decorated with vibrant flowers, gold letter balloons, and the prettiest menu. The brunch itself was buffet style (which was perfect because it gave me a chance to try a bit of everything) with a cocktail bar. I "settled" with one of each of the mimosa options (cranberry, pineapple and orange) because why not? 

The food was delicious, I made two trips to the buffet line just for the baked ziti. I was too excited to eat to get a decent photo of the offerings, but trust me they were tasty. I'm still thinking about that awesome red velvet chocolate chip brownie from the desert table. And the trip itself was the perfect length of time, 2 hours at sea giving you stunning views of the Baltimore skyline and harbor that is viewable from the top deck. 

Speaking of the top deck, there was plenty of room to roam, relax, or play games while watching the skyline move past. For my first boat ride I was surprised to find that though every time the boat wobbled I internally wanted to have a panic attack (dramatic) I barely noticed that we were moving on the water. The worst bit would be getting up and walking when the boat was moving and seeing it from the windows. A feeling I got over rather quickly. It glided flawlessly so that even a cruise ship newbie would be fearless. 

Last but not least take a look at these INSANE letter balloons which adorned our table:

We were definitely, the talk of the ship. Thank you again to Elise for inviting me and for Spirit of Baltimore for making my first boat ride not my last! I'm looking forward to surprising my mama on a cruise trip around the harbor in the future.

You can find Elise on the internet here, and follow her on insagram here
You can follow Spirit of Baltimore on instagram here, and book a harbor cruise through their website!


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  1. Oh my gosh you are the sweetest! Thank you for all the kind words and for coming on the cruise! I really love these photos. I am just so happy that you came. :)


    1. I am so happy you invited me!!! Thank you so much once again, I had such a blast. There was no better group of ladies to experience my first boat ride with! xx