The Society of Excellent Women Dance Party

12:00 PM

A few Saturday nights ago I put my fanciest, shimmery skirt on, grabbed my best friend (who is also newly engaged) and made our way to the Ottobar down in Baltimore to do some dancing and hanging with other excellent ladies at another amazing Society of Excellent Women event. I'm not a big "going to the club dancing" kind of gal. My idea of a good night out is more on the speed of a cozy bar a la W.C. Harlen over a sweaty dance floor. But the Society of Excellent Women have yet to let me down on their events so I knew I had to go. Plus I'm clearly huge on babes supporting other babes.

With fantastic music featuring plenty of throwback tracks by Spice Girls, Britney Spears and TLC it felt sort of like your middle/high school dances with all your girlfriends but now you were old enough to drink and you wouldn't get in trouble if your skirt was "too short". Everyone - from what I could tell at least - was having a blast and mingling from group to group. Which is what the Society is all about! Silly straws were featured in cocktails, with glow bracelets, flashy plastic rings, aliens and skateboards decorating the bar.

In addition to good music and good company, there were REALLY good drinks made specifically for the event. I had one too many Blondies (which is now my new favorite and I must re-create for future summer porch sitting outings) and am sort of regretting not trying the others. I'm certainly hoping for more dance parties in the future because now I consider myself a fan!

And look! There I am in the top photo, I exist! I dance! Thank you to Ian J. Bell for taking snaps during the evening. You can find more here and perhaps you'll see him at the monthly Emo Nite working his ass off to capture all of the excitement of the evening.

The Society of Excellent Women Dance Party was held on April 29th, 2017 at Ottobar on 2549 N Howard Street, Baltimore MD 21218.
You can find more information about The Society of Excellent Women here, and follow them on instagram here.
You can find more information about the Ottobar here.
Please  follow Ian J. Bell on instagram here.


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