Baby's First Trip to Brooklyn

12:00 PM

A few weeks ago I went to Brooklyn for the first time. In the past my trips to NYC have been for a few hours and I simply didn't feel like I had the time to comfortably explore Brooklyn. For my five day - four night trip I made a rather loose list of things I wanted to do or see (mostly deciding that I will go where the wind takes me) and felt like I accomplished a good bit. There's naturally hundreds of things I didn't get a chance to do so another trip is absolutely in the works. Here's a tasting of what I saw/did that maybe will inspire you to take your own trip to Brooklyn - if you haven't already.

One shop I knew I had to stop into was Catbird in Williamsburg. It is easily the dreamiest shop I've been in. I didn't buy any jewelry but I did get one of their house made candles and a couple other trinkets. (Check out those cigarette pencils!) I now have a lengthy wishlist on their website based on the things I got to see in person. From there I stumbled upon Spoonbill & Sugartown, a wonderful new (and used) bookstore. I found a mysterious red book called Two August In a Row In a Row by Shelly Marlow with no back summary (which I've been avoiding researching in order to remain surprised) and Mr. Noon by D.H. Lawrence.

I know there has been some controversy surrounding Mast Brothers in the food world, but I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and was curious to try their chocolate. I may not be a chocolate connoisseur but the Smoke Chocolate bar is pretty damn tasty to me. For lunch I was recommended Blue Collar by a friend. I love me a good, fuss free burger that is inexpensive and this ticked all the boxes. Their cheese fries were top notch as well. I also indulged in The End's insta-famous Unicorn Latte which was fun, tasty, and obviously very photogenic. They also have a Mermaid Latte... so I suppose another trip is in order!


I majored in Art History and can't tell you how many courses I took covered Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party. Knowing that it was permanently displayed at the Brooklyn Museum meant I had to pay it a visit. Seeing this massive, iconic work of feminist art in person, that I had only previously seen in books, was incredibly moving. While perhaps not as well known a museum as The Met, MoMA or Guggenheim over in Manhattan, for me it was probably my favorite. It was quite enjoyable to browse the Brooklyn Museum at my leisure without massive crowds - quiet, peaceful, I felt I could spend plenty of time simply appreciating the art, instead of feeling shuffled about like at The Met.

I met up for lunch with a friend at Covenhoven which had a fantastic back patio - fortunately the weather hadn't turned to 95 degrees yet - where we sipped beers and chowed down on grilled cheeses. Mine had ham and Gruyere cheese and was heavenly. For a tasty and dangerous drink may I recommend the Beachcomber from the Bearded Lady. I tried to keep track of all the liquors that was being put in this bad boy but honestly got distracted and ended up just wishing myself luck. One of those puppies had me knocked off my feet. Literally, I got back to my AirBnb and promptly flopped myself into my bed.

I didn't buy any books from Books are Magic (as I had already bought myself two books a few days prior) but in the future I will be supporting this sweet little bookstore. How gorgeous is it?! They had a wonderful selection without feeling too overwhelming. And owned by author Emma Straub means that my first purchase from there probably should be one of her books... or is that too gimmicky?

Hanging out down under the Manhattan Bridge (or DUMBO) was bit of a surreal experience. Seeing masterful work of steel and cable next to the neo-gothic Brooklyn Bridge was a crazy juxtaposition in not only architectural styles, but feats. Two bridges which, much like Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party, I had only seen previously in movies, books, and television. Having a backdrop of Manhattan made it naturally a picturesque spot - which justified the hoards of New York brides getting their wedding photos taken.  

I stayed in Bed-Stuy during my time in Brooklyn and luckily my friend Cassie stumbled upon an awesome dive bar, appropriately named Do or Dive, while I was out of commission napping. Awesome vintage and hilarious decor fills the joint, with cheep beers, patio seating, and it's pet friendly! We both fell in love with the cutest little French Bulldog that had full reign of the place. It's a bar I would love to go back to again, and perhaps have one of their drink specials instead of a draft beer.

There's a bit of Brooklyn! I'll definitely be heading there again soon so keep an eye out  for future Brooklyn and NYC posts.


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  1. The art history major side of me is super jealous you got to see the dinner party IRL! When are we doing our NYC girls trip with lauren??

    1. IT WAS AMAZING. I highly recommend seeing it. It was crazy that it was literally empty when I went there. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was like noon on a Friday but I swore it would be packed. LET'S GO ASAP. Derrick and I are going back to Brooklyn in Aug but I'm always down for NYC! x