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12:00 PM

I've been insanely busy this past month or so (and also a little lazy) so I feel rotten about the blog being quiet for so long. This is a post I've been sitting on for a bit so I am excited to share it with you. R. House isn't exactly new news anymore, but I am still coming across people that have yet to make their way to it - and I always recommend it if you're looking for an amazing food hall experience that supports local chefs.

Formerly a body shop, R House was converted into a 350 seat food hall featuring ten chefs, roll-up garage doors, booths, tables, and a bar located in Remington. I initially had my first visit to R House when the Society of Excellent Women hosted an event there which honestly A+ choice in location. I was incredibly impressed by the variety of restaurants but also how excited all the chefs seemed to be. I also loved that it created a more communal dinning atmosphere over separate tables for you and your friends. I interacted with people in line, at adjacent tables, and while at the bar. It was a warm, friendly, and inviting experience which created a wonderful sense of community. 

The ten restaurants housed at R House are: Ground & Griddled (egg sandwiches and coffee), Stall 11 (vegetarian street food), ARBA (Mediterranean street food), BeBim (Korean BBQ), BRD (fried chicken  sandwiches & wings), White Envelope (Venezuelan comfort food), Blk // Sugar & Little Baby's Ice Cream (pies, cakes, cookies and ice cream), Hilo (poke bowls and sushi), Amano Taco (Mexican food) and (for all  your boozy needs).

My favorite of the ten options is without a doubt White Envelope. It's where Frederico Tischler serves modern arepas. I have never had arepas (or Venezuelan food) before so I was automatically intrigued. While I've had a sampling of other food options at R House, I always come back to White Envelope. My go to is El Cerdo Ilustrado or The Literate Pig - roasted pork leg with lime-mayo, fresh tomato and arugula all stuffed into a cornbread pocket. It's drool-worthy, I once had two in one night. No shame, no regrets.

With so many offerings it will definitely keep you coming back again and again to try something different (or maybe be like me and keep getting the same thing). During the warmer months be sure to check out their outdoor seating. It's perfect for an after work gathering of friends or a solo trip. You won't be disappointed.

R House
301 W. 29th St
Baltimore, MD 21211
Hours vary depending on restaurant but generally Sunday - Saturday 7am to 10pm.
Check their website for more information. 

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