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12:00 PM

Whenever Rosemary invites you to an after work happy hour you drop everything you're doing and you go. I had been eagerly wanting to swing by Minnow after seeing Rosemary's photos and this was the perfect opportunity. As a born and raised Marylander you become pretty accustomed to being surrounded by seafood - from Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs to steamed clams and oyster po'boys - we are certainly big fans of the sea. I'm more of a burger person, give me a juicy beef patty between two buns and I am a happy girl. However, I am open to trying anything (the least picky eater in the world over here) and I couldn't wait to try some of Minnow's seafood dishes.

Starting off with a good and strong cocktail set the night in motion. Playing it safe, at first, I went with a Moscow Mule however for my second drink I wanted to be a bit more adventurous. Described as "distracting liberations" us girls definitely were distracted by the hilarious names of the drinks. I went with Fuck That's Delicious because, come on that name, and it helped that it had a few of my favorite boozes: Bulliet Bourbon, Rammazotti Amaro, and Cava. Oh and yes, it was fucking delicious.

For appetizers we had Crispy Fried Oysters in saffron and Mussels Escabeche on a drowned baguette both presented in gold sardine tins keeping with the theme and decor of the restaurant. Personally I loved the use of the tins as I thought it was incredibly charming and a different presentation than you may be used to seeing- oh and the food in them was very tasty.

Meal wise (refer back to that top photo) I went with the Lobster Bisque which came with a sourdough black truffle grilled cheese to dip. Though it felt like 100 degrees outside I love a good soup and this one was rich and heavenly. For a side I went with the tried and true option of fries or Belgian Style Frites and a orange blossom rosemary aioli dipping sauce. As someone who dips her fries in only ketchup this initially raised my eyebrows but it was killer and now is all I want to dip my fries into. 

I highly recommend checking out Minnow (and maybe getting some of those frites for me). A beautiful spot, tasty food, boozy drinks, what more could you ask for? Just follow the fishes and you'll find it. 

2 E. Wells Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Mon - Thurs 5pm - 10pm
Fri - Sat 5pm - 11pm
Sun 5pm - 9pm
Check out their website here and follow them on Instagram!

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