A Birthday Wishlist

12:00 PM

On past iterations of my blog I used to do a monthly round up of things for a wishlist. While they were fun once I re-branded I stopped making those curated posts. I felt like they didn't exactly fit the theme of what I was going for on this space. However, July 7th is my birthday so I don't see the harm in sharing with you all a few things I've been eyeing for birthday gifts. Also known as, things I will gradually buy for myself over the month of July

When I was in Brooklyn I got to pop into Catbird and swoon over the gorgeous jewelry (and weep as my wallet was hurting). Unfortunately, I couldn't buy anything that sparkles but did get to smell their wonderful candles in person. I ended up buying Kitten, but I was torn between that and Ghost Rose. Their candles tick all of my candle buying boxes: black jar, minimal design, and rich scents that aren't sweet or fruity just dreamy. 

This Charm City print has been on my wishlist for eons, but now that I've started working on my gallery wall I've been a bit more keen on buying art over other things. It definitely would make a welcome addition to my wall alongside my other two pieces: this print by Pam Wishbow, and this concert poster of one of my favorite bands, The National. 

Another item inspired by my trip to Brooklyn is I supposed a practical one. I have a beautiful weekender bag I typically use when I travel but I will say navigating around Manhattan and Brooklyn with it was quite exhausting. With every step I took I kept thinking damn I wish I had a backpack instead! Herschel has such lovely backpacks and I really love this pale tropical Little America Backpack. It looks big enough to hold all my things for a long weekend trip and then some, without digging into one shoulder. Since I definitely plan on returning back to Brooklyn (along with other little adventures) it's a necessity. 

Slowly but surely I've been trying to update my wardrobe. For a while now I've exclusively worn/bought mostly black/dark clothing. It was just easy, always flattering, and I simply wasn't feeling ultra inspired. However, with the warm weather all I've been wanting to wear are girly dresses in tropical patterns or cool shades of white, blush, and cream. I love this ruffled wrap dress from Topshop and these blush crisscross slides from Forever 21.   

Lastly, what is a birthday wishlist by me without at least one book on it. Being bit by the travel bug from my week long Brooklyn trip and my day trip to Harrisburg, PA - this book: An Atlas of Countries that Don't Exist: A Compendium of Fifty Unrecognized and Largely Unnoticed States by Nick Middleton sounds so fascinating. Maybe for a bit of wanderlust inspiration. 


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