A Bit of Harrisburg

12:00 PM

A couple weeks back my brother and I took a day trip to Harrisburg, PA. There wasn't a specific reason I needed to go to Harrisburg, and honestly after getting there we quickly realized how little there actually was to do in Harrisburg. But we managed to make the best of it and there are a few things that if I ever found myself back there I would definitely pop into.

I actually heard about Midtown Scholar Bookstore when listening to Last Podcast on the Left. They had mentioned a couple times about being sent books from their store and after discovering it was only about a hour and half drive away I figured why not stop in? I really, truly wish this bookstore was closer as it is a treasure trove of books. Housing new books but plenty of used books meticulously organized by not only author and genre and sub genres. A good third of the store is just books on Art History broken down into style, period, and material - which for me is a dream come true. I picked up a few books while there, nothing too adventurous though, but would love to go back and spend a good while browsing all those Art History books.  

Another wonderful spot was Little Amps Coffee, an independent coffee shop and coffee roaster. They have a couple locations, but I went to the one on Green Street. Unfortunately I am not a coffee drinker, but my brother had their Nitro coffee and said it was fantastic. I had my tried and true Iced Chai Tea latte which was delicious. It was the perfect first stop on our trip allowing me a chance to stretch my legs from a nearly 2 hr drive and re-energize myself. The staff were friendly, warm, and lively with a selection of their favorite music playing. Speaking of music they have a small section of new and used vinyls for sale in their shop! Both my brother and I looked through them and while Hollowed Ground by The Violent Femmes caught my eye I decided to pass on record buying to instead buy books. 

Last but not least a very, very cool bar in Downtown Harrisburg: JB Lovedraft is an AWESOME micro brew dive bar featuring over 30 beers on tap and a different game system at every table. My brother and I just popped in for a few beers before hitting the road but I imagine it being quite a hot spot in the evenings.  

Did I miss anything?! I felt like we tried to find other cool things but with no success. However, if you find yourself passing through Harrisburg I definitely recommend checking out those three spots! 

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  1. I went on a day trip to Harrisburg earlier this year, and also went to Little Amps and the Midtown Scholar. We went to the Broad Market which was in two buildings. It had an eclectic mix of modern & Amish food offerings. Millworks was a great restaurant that also had a section of shops off the lobby that had a bunch of artisans selling goods. It's right by the market. We walked up the river path and across the pedestrian bridge. We also went to Troegs brewery which is about a 15-20 min drive in Hershey. I thought it was a great little day trip considering how short the drive is from Baltimore. I love your photos, by the way!

    1. Ah I got to check out those other places! I'm trying to plan a trip to Lancaster in a few weeks or so so I'll have to swing back around to Harrisburg! Thank you! xx