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12:00 PM

First off let me apologize for the darkness of these photos. It was no easy feat trying to capture the coolness of The Elk Room. Especially when one of the "rules" is no flash photography. Not that I blame them from implementing that policy. Seeing flashes of light go off in this swanky, intimate space would definitely ruin the vibe. 

The Elk Room is the newest spot in Harbor East but unlike it's counterparts with flashy openings or heavy social media presence The Elk Room is relying more so on word of mouth. Designed as a modern day speakeasy there's no signs, no specific instructions on how to find it other than simply 1010 Fleet Street. I'm really good a keeping secrets but this is one I'll share with you (simply because it's too good to keep!) 

To find The Elk head down the courtyard at 1010 Fleet, near the end of it look to your left and you'll almost miss it, an all black door with a small gold doorbell next to it. Ring the doorbell and if there's room you'll find yourself in one of the coolest spaces I have been to in Baltimore.

As mentioned earlier, it was hard as hell to take photos in there so you can't really SEE the space, but trust me it's one that you got to experience to enjoy anyway. There are tons of little details that were simply a delight - my favorite was a small bottle of "poison" on a bookshelf. I went with my good friend Rosemary (The Office Goth) and we could not stop talking about how obsessed we are with The Elk Room. I don't want to give away much more of it (I've said too much....) but definitely if you have the chance don't skip popping in for a drink. It's worth it.

You can follow The Elk Room on Instagram here, and check out their cool website here!

The Elk Room
1010 Fleet Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Mon-Sun 4pm to 12am (food) with bar open until 2am. 


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