Sir Duke Bar & Liquor Store

12:00 PM

If you're around my age (mid to late 20s or older) you probably remember that corner spot on Bond and Aliceana Street in Fells Point as Fletcher's. I saw many bands playing the small row house venue as a teen. If you're a little younger you might remember it as The Get Down a club/lounge featuring late drinks and DJs. Briefly it was home to Bad Decision's new location. However, now it's returned to it's roots as Sir Duke - a mixture of a few of my favorite places in Fells. It has the feel of Rockwell but the playlist of The Sound Garden Record Store.

My first visit to Sir Duke was pretty much immediately when they start their day on a Thursday night - partially because I was heading there for dinner right after work, but mostly because I'm a grandma and staying out past 9pm gives me heart palpitations - hence why it appears rather sparse. On a late night, I can imagine this place being quite the hot spot - as confirmed by my brother. It's slightly off the beaten path from the lines of bars in Fells and the food is much better (but more on that later). For what looks like a small row home there is a ton of space to sprawl out. There are bar tops if you're not feeling a table or couches if you want to feel at home. The decor is pop culture meets rock: plenty of graffiti art, band posters, neon lights, TVs playing rock/indie music videos, all done up in a primarily black and red color palette. 

My parents actually went to Sir Duke before I did (which if you know my 'rents that is a rarity) and they raved about it. It was the first time they could brag to me about going to a cool spot before I did. They loved the space, the drinks, and the food - and it's hard to please my parents. Once I went there I could see why my parents liked it. It was cool enough to appease the young crowd but not too cool to scare the older crowd away.

My mom recommend their street tacos which after a bit of debate I decided to take her advice on. When you go to bar you expect bar food to be good, but nothing to wow you, you're there for the booze remember.... Sir Duke's food blew me away. I am seriously obsessed with their street tacos. My friend who had the baked ravioli and another who had the flatbread also agreed that this was not your average bar food. Drink wise I had their Nice and Easy cocktail (I love me some gin) and an Orange Crush, both awesome. However I am slightly regretting not partaking in one of their Dirty Milkshakes. Next time, next time. 

Another feature I loved was the "patio doors" they could open when the weather perks up. I'm rather anti-AC espeically in resturants when they put it up full blast so it's wonderful to just let the nice air roll in. And it makes a great opportunity for people watching. Last but not least, Sir Duke features a liquor store! You can kind of see it in that third photo. With the kitchen open till midnight, and the drinks pouring till 2am (including the liquor store) you could start, end, and continue your night at home all thanks to Sir Duke. 

Oh, and if you're in the Baltimore area and want to see me in real life swing by Sir Duke around 9pm on Saturday August 12th. I'll be there celebrating my brother's birthday and attempting to stay up past 11pm! 

You can follow Sir Duke on instagram here! Check out their website as well.
Sir Duke Bar and Liqour Store
701 S. Bond Street 
Baltimore, MD 21231
Mon-Fri 4pm-2am
Sat-Sun 11:30am-2am.
Liquor Store open till 2am 7 days a week!


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