A Little Bit (More) of Brooklyn and Manhattan

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I had another opportunity to head up to New York at the end of August for a short weekend trip, which I very much wished was longer. In June I made every attempt to avoid Manhattan, wanting to focus on exploring Brooklyn instead. This time I found myself in the city a bit more, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing as I made quite a few new discoveries and have a new found love for Manhattan. (Though Brooklyn is still number one in my heart.) Here's a few recommendations in Brooklyn and Manhattan if you find yourself looking for things to do! We'll start with Brooklyn:

Bakeri was a spot I had on my radar after accidentally stumbling upon it on Instagram. I was immediately sold when seeing a similar image as mine above of that gorgeous wallpaper. Bakeri has a couple spots in Brooklyn but for your first Bakeri experience I highly recommend their Greenpoint location. The facade of the coffee shop is gorgeous and while I didn't have luck taking a snap of it (the weather was beautiful so there were plenty of patrons relaxing outside) perhaps you'll be able to. Since I was meeting my friend Abbey for lunch I didn't grab anything to eat but I did have a very delicious Iced Chai Tea Latte, and man on man did it smell amazing in there. Also I loved that the staff all wore matching blue boiler room jumpsuits!

Another tasty coffee shop in Brooklyn was Sweatshop. (I guess August in Brooklyn was the month of me finding new places to get caffeinated!) This spot was one I knew my brother would be quite fond of, ultra cool - possibly too cool for me - black and white decor, minimalist design, slick goods being sold alongside food and drinks.... yeah this was the spot for my cooler than me brother. It's a small spot but luckily Derrick and I were able to nab a seat. The night before we may have went a little too hard drinking till 4 am with my good friend Eric at Do or Dive in Bed-Stuy so some caffeine and a breakfast sandwich was much needed. I went for the Brekkie Bun - fried egg, bacon, cheese, onion jam, and arugula on a toasted ciabatta bun - which definitely hit the spot. Derrick opted for the Avo Smash - avocado, feta, citrus & mint topped with sea salt & chili flakes on toasted sourdough. Also everyone is INSANELY nice. 100%.

Some other places I recommend but I didn't get photos of are: Life:Curated (an awesome men and women's boutique), Feltraiger (for ultra cool men's clothing), and The Quality Mending Co. (for thifted/vintage clothes).

Now for a slew of Manhattan recommendations! 

First on my list was the Glossier Showroom. I've been wanting a peak in this pink skin and beauty heaven for eons now. I've been an avid follower of Into the Gloss for years, and a supporter of Emily Weiss's beauty and skincare brand Glossier since it's creation. I probably picked the worst day to go to the showroom (Friday afternoon) but don't let that deter you. It's an absolute gorgeous space and it was wonderful to be able to try on and get some advice on a few of the products I had been eyeing but hadn't jump the gun yet on buying. I left with Boy Brow in BrownHaloscope in Moonstone and their Lip Gloss. Realistically, I could have bought the whole damn store, but my bank account would have killed me. 

Last coffee shop I'll talk about I swear! While wandering around I found this wonderful little spot called Sweet Moment. What caught my eye were photos predominately featured outside the shop showing their "latte art". Me being skeptical as always thought, there is no way they make these cute little lattes, it's gotta be a gimmick. Well lo and behold they do! And they are insanely tasty! I ended up having two of their CremeArts (both in Red Velvet). They are cold drinks made with either tea or coffee. I'm not a huge coffee drinker but I actually preferred the coffee over the tea version! Surprising! Will definitely be back to try the other options.

I had a bit of time to kill before meeting my brother at the bus stop so I decided to pop into The Strand at Club Monaco. While I definitely didn't need anymore books it was quite a treat to wander around this small curated selection of books within Club Monaco, also the flowers and coffee next door was lovely too. I picked up the newest copy of Lula Magazine and one of the Strand's large tote bags but would love to pop in again, perhaps actually looking at the clothes instead of making a beeline past them. 

Last but not least is The Sosta. Created by one of the co-founders of byChloe it is a "fast-casual" pasta spot that is absolutely gorgeous. It has a fantastic corner spot and makes use to plenty of pink, neon lights, and lovely typography. It's quite honestly an intagram dream, and though I didn't get any pasta (major regrets) Abbey's boyfriend Hondro raved about their breakfast pasta. Their personal instagram sure is pretty too.

And there we have it! Keep an eye on this space for another Brooklyn post in the next upcoming week or so. I'll be returning Friday, September 8th to check out 29 Rooms by Refinery 29!


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