The Magic of 29 Rooms

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My chance to go to Refinery 29's 29 Rooms was a complete unplanned stroke of luck. I literally had just returned from a long weekend in Brooklyn when my friend Lauren texted me asking if I would like to scoop up her boyfriend's 29 Rooms ticket as he had a last minute work commitment that day. I have stupidly intense Catholic Guilt about taking time off of work so I nearly said no when I figured you know what.... I have plenty of vacation time... so what if I just got back from Brooklyn... let's do this!

Starting out the day early we arrived in Williamsburg with just enough time to pop into their Bakeri location (I had a ham and cheese on pain de mie that was heavenly) and relax for a bit before queuing up. The line looked insanely daunting. Fortunately we caught it before it had wrapped around the building but we already were wondering how long was it going to take to get in. I got to commend the staff's work though, they made their way down the line as attendees were waiting to check, scan tickets, and give us our wristbands. Once doors opened at 11am we were all able to easily mosey our way in giving us plenty of time to explore the rooms.

Okay, enough of me babbling, here's what you really came here for, the photos!

Erotica in Bloom by Maisie Cousins was a full sensory experience with you walking underneath hanging flowers as floral scents fill the air around you and there were large flowers blooms you could pop your head under to watch erotic movies. It was dreamy and gorgeous, but I wish it occupied a larger space. I felt like given a little more room it would had been really amazing.

Rosemary's, Lauren's and my favorite room was definitely Move and Be Moved by Lizzo. Featuring disco-balls on a carousel with split disco-balls you could pop your heads in, it was such a blast we did it twice! Your silent disco headphones played Water Me by Lizzo (which is fantastic) and you could dance to a song no one else outside the room could hear. 

Art Heals with Art of Elysium (left) // Shred It with Jake Gyllenhaal (right)

Love Walk, done in partnership with Aldo, featured a red runway and a tunnel made of shoes. Couples made a point of doing their best prom poses and single ladies did there best strut. Lauren and I opted for this cute bestie photo.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a working carousel in The Beauty Carousel with Ulta Beauty. Unicorns you could ride, lipsticks, nail polishes, allowing you to sit or walk with. I was certainly one happy camper to get to sit on a unicorn. Look at that smile.

Bright Future with Planned Parenthood (left) // Just Be with Ashlee Haze (right)

One of the more popular rooms was The Future is Female by Madame Gandhi and Jen Mussari where you could put boxing gloves on with positive pro-female phrases and pound punching bags. I'm not going to lie I was slightly terrified I would get hit in the face... because that would happen to a klutz like me. 

Become the Masterpiece with Alexa Meade (Can you spot Lauren hidden within all that pattern?)

Gender Neutral with Xavier Schipani and Jill Soloway

Hear Our Voice with The Woman's March

Light it Up with Symmetry Labs
was made up of flashing colorful lights that moved and changed as you danced in front of a motion sensor. People were definitely trying to capture themselves in front of these - though it took a bit of investigating to figure out how it worked.

A few tips for if you go to their LA show or a future show!
  • Eat Something Beforehand: My friends and I kept commenting the whole time we were there that we were extremely glad we ate something prior to going in. You can't re-enter once you leave and they do not sell food. While there was plenty of lovely people giving out Larabars, it's definitely better to go in with a full tummy than get hangry halfway through.
  • Start At The Back: We all decided the best course of action was to bypass going in order and instead head right to the back of the exhibit. This worked out in our favor as the lines in the back at the start were short and manageable and once we made our way to the front those rooms also nearly had no line. 
  • Think Rationally: There were a handful of rooms we didn't get to experience. Some we weren't necessarily interested in, others had lines that were way too long of a wait. Instead we pragmatically decided to check out the rooms with the shortest waits and if there was time make our way back around. This way you don't waste 30-40 minutes of your precious 3 hrs in line for Glace Getaway when you could be checking out 3 other rooms. 
  • Dress Comfortably and Practically: While yes this show is an opportunity to stand out and get enough selfies to make all your friends jealous, definitely dress practically. If you plan on jumping in the foam pit a mini dress might not be your best option. Walking around and standing in line for 3 hours calls for more comfortable shoes over sky high stilettos. That's not to say don't dress your best, but take in consideration your surroundings!

Harmony by Chloe x Halle with Benjamin Shine

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