An Autumn Playlist

12:00 PM

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. I love breaking out the tights and sweaters. I love layering up and drinking hot tea. I love the colors, the activities, the smells. Basically I can't imagine not living somewhere that doesn't have a proper Fall. One other thing I love to do in the Fall is take long drives through back roads with the window slightly open so I can feel the crisp air while having the heat pointed at my feat. Obviously when doing this you've got to have a good soundtrack. I'm sharing with you a bit of my music tastes with a few of my favorite songs perfect for drinking mulled cider by the campfire or for road trips to pumpkin patches and apple orchards. You can find the songs individually listed below on your own streaming service/music provider. Or you can simply follow the playlist on Spotify! Let me know if you'd like more playlists like these in the future. I love sharing music recommendations & please share with me some of yours!


 (Photo from Off Beat & Inspired)

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