Chestertown's Harry Potter Festival

12:00 PM

As a long time Harry Potter fan whenever there is something seasonal that pops up I try to make my way to it. I had written about Cherry Hill's Harry Potter Festival a while back and am unable to attend this year so I decided to pop over to Chestertown's Harry Potter Festival instead. I have never been to Chestertown despite it being only a 1hr 15min drive from my house so what is better than exploring a new place while it's Harry Potter themed? 

There's a couple differences between the Cherry Hill fest and the Chestertown fest that you may want to keep in mind if you decide to go. Chestertown's main events are mostly ticketed - and they sell out FAST - I missed my chance to hop on them - High Tea, Azkaban Prison Break Party, etc. Chestertown's fest is much smaller in scale than Cherry Hill's and parking can be a bit trickier. Since it is a small town you may need to hunt a bit before finding some street parking. One thing I really liked about Chestertown's fest is that in Fountain Park they had it set up like a market place with different vendors selling Harry Potter inspired products and merchandise along with food, soaps, flowers, etc. 

I had a lot of fun seeing all the kids dressed up, getting sorted, and simply indulging in a bit of my childhood on a beautiful Saturday morning. I was also proud to see plenty of people representing Hufflepuff (my house). While I didn't wear anything that directly stated my house I did opt for a mustard yellow dress to show my house pride. I also couldn't resist in getting some butterbeer, naturally.

Did you go/have you been to the Harry Potter Festival in Chestertown? I would definitely go again so expect to see me at next year's Chestertown AND (hopefully) Cherry Hill's Harry Potter Festivals.

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