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Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I prefer a different Halloween then what I feel like the majority of the U.S. likes. I'm not a sexy [INSERT CHARACTER HERE] person, I usually find something I like and make a costume for it. In the past I have been roadkill, Louise from Bob's Burgers, a flapper, and this year I was Debora from Baby Driver. I always look forward to going out for Halloween but it can be a bit exhausting. Especially at the bars in Baltimore where the guys act like frat boys and everyone just wants to get black out drunk

Despite all that I was extra excited for this year because me and Rosemary decided to take a pilgrimage to Oddity Bar where Kesha filmed her music video for Woman. After finding out it was only about a 40-45 min drive from my house, it was a no brainier. Not to mention they were having a Halloween Bash with bands playing sets from their favorite bands including Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Beatles, Parliament Funkadelic and a Usher/Taking Back Sunday hybrid. 

Alongside my excitement was also a bit of apprehension. Did we build up this bar too much to when we get there we are insanely disappointed? Would we stay for only one drink and then make a mad dash to leave? Or worse would we be the only ones in costume? Fortunately our fears were unwarranted, we had such a good time that Rosemary and I want to make monthly trips up and left wishing that we lived closer so that we could make it "our local bar". And a local bar it definitely was, you could tell many of the people there were regulars, costume wise there was nary a sexy something in site - the girl who won the costume contest was dressed as a human sized box of Franzia Sunset Blush which Rosemary and I obsessed over.  

We had a blast trying their drinks, I had the Jim Jones (rum, triple sec, grenadine, and pineapple juice) along with The Jackalope (Jack Daniels, peach schnapps, black raspberry liqueur, orange juice and sprite) both of which were great. Rosemary had the Love Potion #9 (pomegranate svedka vodka, raspberry puree and lemonade) while her husband, Angelo, had the Michelada (a beer cocktail made with Tecate, lime juice, tomato juice and spices served over ice in a salt rimmed glass). While they do not serve food on site, there is a restaurant next door where you can order and have it delivered (man on man their Bacon Blue Burger was phenomenal...) 

The decor is very much permanent Halloween spooky, my favorite! With skulls, taxidermy animals, Ouija board and palm reading chart tables, along with other knick-knacks. For a tiny space the sound was fantastic and made watching the bands such a treat. We also got to meet the owner! Who was such a sweetheart and just was the cherry on top of a perfect evening. If you're in the Delaware area or close by I HIGHLY recommend stopping into the Oddity Bar. Rosemary and I plan on going again for one of their Drag Shows which the owner promised us was even more fun than the Halloween Bash. 

Last but not least, here I am Halloween costume and all! Debora ready for her shift at Bo's, with the neon sign of my dreams ~*Cocktails and Dreams*~ Happy Halloween!

Oddity Bar
500 Greenhill Ave
Wilmington, DE 19805
Tue-Sun: 5PM - 1AM


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