Holiday (Mostly Local) Gift Guide

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The holidays are official upon us. I've made my shopping list for friends/family and I'm gearing up to do some Christmas Gift wrapping. This year I'm trying to shop mostly local (to Baltimore) or from small businesses online. I feel like those make for more meaningful gifts or gives you an opportunity to help out the little guys over big corporations. Here's a "small" gift guide (and store list!) for your loved ones to give you some inspiration if you're feeling stumped. 

There is a huge resurgence in the popularity of vinyls. Both my brother and I love buying records and I have many friends that own record players as well. Instead of buying off Amazon and the like if you're in Maryland consider buying from Sound Garden in Fells Point or Celebrated Summer in Hampden. Also there are plenty of thrift shops that have record collections, I know of quite a few in Hampden or you can head up to my neck of the woods in Havre de Grace and browse Washington Street Books & Music. OR buy from the band/label directly. Bands like The National sell their albums through their own webstore, not only are they significantly cheaper (a double EP through them is $20 versus $25-$27 through other retailers) not to mention you will be supporting the band/label directly instead of going through a middle man!

I love a good book and while I have cut myself off from buying books, that doesn't mean you need to. There are SO MANY small booksellers in the city a few of my favorites are: The Ivy Bookstore, The Book Escape, Red Emma and the aforementioned Washington Street Books & Music are again few of many. For comic/manga/zines/obscure book fans definitely check out Atomic Books. Washington Street Books & Music also has a MASSIVE collection of Marvel and DC comics. 

For edible options: if you have tea drinkers in your family definitely buy from my friend Brittany's tea company, Wight Tea Co. The Tropical Green Tea and the Baltimore Breakfast are two of my favorites (the Winter Chai is bomb too!). For coffee fans scoop up some Zeke's Coffee. They have a lot of variety and each have Baltimore inspired names and art. For more boozy spirits grab a bottle of Sagamore Rye Whiskey. Beer drinkers would be a fan of Union Craft Brewing, Peabody Heights Brewing, or Diamondback Beer. For the winos in your life grab some Boordy Vineyards Wine (I gifted a bottle of their Chambourcin Merlot to a friend of mine from the U.K. a few years ago and he lost his mind). For more adventurous or unconventional drinkers Millstone Cellars has cider, cysers, and mead. Also you can never go wrong with some Berger Cookies

Clothing is always a tricky thing to navigate I feel unless you know your loved ones/friends style VERY WELL it is typically something I avoid (or buy a gift card). However there are a few boutiques I recommend and browse myself. Brightside Boutique and Bear Fox Babe aren't typically my style (I dig a more cozy vintage vibe) but I know lots of people that live for their stock. Brightside has lots of great stocking stuffers beyond clothing: candles, books, mugs, and more (my go tos) and Bear Fox Babe has amazing designer wear for affordable prices - plus the owner Macy is a sweetheart and has the cutest dogs. I like Doubledutch Boutique, myself, for vintage finds, local indie designers, and more. Milk and Ice is a ultra cool vintage shop, that also has an Etsy page! For your more preppy friends consider Punch!, which has a physical store in Fed Hill. Last but not least for some great shoes pop into Poppy & Stella

Here's where we get into all the odds and ends. One of my favorite shops of all time in the city is Trohv. I can spend hours browsing their shop and find something for everyone on my list. It's quite possibly, the most perfect shop and if you only go to one place on this list make it Trohv. For some local Baltimore artists I love Beth Hoeckel's collages - I have the print Greenhouse hanging in my home. I also really love Close Call Studio's Woodblock prints. I bought the Star Wars print for my friend as a wedding gift and it was beautiful, I've been dragging my feet on getting myself the Twin Peaks print. For beauty I like every cool girl's fav brand Glossier. Herbivore Botanicals is another longtime favorite as is French Girl Organics - these can be found at some local shops in the area!  This last recommendation isn't local... but it is a small woman ran Etsy! Phillippa Harman makes beautiful affordable handmade jewelry from the U.K. I purchased this necklace months ago and wear it constantly, I can't express how beautiful it is. Shipping is reasonable and quick and she has many different delicate designs to appease everyone.

Whew! This was much longer than I anticipated but I hope it gave you some inspiration and incentive to shop local! 
Happy Holidays! xx

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