The Book Thing is Back!

12:00 PM

The Book Thing is something I looked forward to each month. I made a point to go ONLY once a month - otherwise my bookshelves would hate me -  spending hours browsing the many stacks of books that filled the building, getting there bright and early to find the best picks. Last April when I heard that a fire had ravaged the The Book Thing, I was heartbroken. Everything I read made it sound like it's future did not look promising, and I hoped that it wasn't gone for good. Thankfully due to the amazing kindness of the community, The Book Thing is back and better than ever. It is really the thing I love most about Baltimore. 

If you're not familiar with The Book Thing, it is not quite a bookstore... but they definitely have books and plenty of them for you to have. Opened by Russell Wattenberg in the late 1990s, the mission of The Book Thing is quite simple, to put unwanted books in the hands of those who want them. The Book Thing is 100% free, all the books, as much as you want, all for free - no catch. And that has remained the same before and after the fire, though the building now has fresh coats of colorful paint, bright lighting, and neat shelves - making it even more welcoming than before. There are books of all topics: fiction, politics, mystery, children's, cookbooks, sciences. classics, etc. and again... they are all free. Okay.. I lied there is one catch.... you have to be willing to hunt. 

The books are organized by genre but that's about it. Beyond that, it is simply up to you to browse the stacks painstakingly careful, keeping your eye out for something that may be on your wishlist, or something that catches your eye. I always start at Mysterys and then make my way to Fiction. It also doesn't hurt to take a look at the non fiction sections as well! Lastly, pay it forward by bringing your books to donate and help replenish the shelves at The Book Thing... it's a good excuse to take more books to bring home. 

And to tempt you a little more, here are the books I found last weekend during my trip! Many of which were on my wishlist: 

Oh and one last thing, next door is Peabody Heights Brewery which is run by a dear friend of mine Eddie and was a huge supporter of Russell getting The Book Thing back up and running. After you find your books consider popping in for a beer or two (they also have more free books hidden in there). They are sweethearts, tell them I sent you.

The Book Thing of Baltimore
3001 Vineyard Ln
Baltimore, MD 21218
Sat-Sun 9am to 5pm  


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