A Holiday Wishlist

11:42 AM

As I get older I find it harder and harder to figure out what gifts to tell my family I want for Christmas. The things I actually do want (new tires) are not exactly "fun" to receive as gifts (so says my mom) and my mom doesn't use the internet for holiday gift shopping. I end up struggling to piece something together for my parents as not to resort to the fall back gifts of socks (love) and books (also love, but have far too many) while making sure that the specific items (or similar items) can be easily found in stores.

Clothing-wise I have been itching for a pair of green Hunter rain boots for years now. It's something I tend to forget about until it rains and I am reminded that I don't own rain boots. I've been really loving mustard colored clothing, this ruffle sweater is chic without being TOO trendy. As someone who is constantly taking photos on my phone I definitely need a pair of touch screen gloves once the winter weather finally kicks in. I'm not usually one to buy bags that aren't a solid neutral color but something about this cute little Pendleton bag has latched on to my mind.

On the beauty end of things I've been drifting away from make up and more interested in skincare products. I suppose that's part of getting older! I've had my eyes on these two masks for a while now. The first, Herbivore's for exfoliating and brightening (I've used their Blue Tansy mask which was a life changer) and the Glow Recipe's sleeping mask which I've heard lovely things about. Another goal I've had is to invest in a good signature fragrance. I adore Maison Margiela's Jazz Club perfume, it's musky, spicy and technically a men's fragrance but I love it. I've had a travel size version for a while but have yet to bite the bullet on a full sized bottle.

I have a small vinyl collection of albums I love from start to finish. I try to limit myself to only albums that I enjoy listening to all the way through as vinyl collecting can be an expensive hobby! Limbeck's second album brings back lots of memories of high school and my early college years. I am obsessed with Baby Driver and Edgar Wright's music taste and mine are very similar. Lastly The National is my favorite band of all time, I have Boxer and Sleep Well Beast on vinyl so it only makes sense to ask for another one of their albums. 

For all the final bits, I've been working on a gallery wall and love this print by Rifle Paper Co. They have such lovely pieces! I have this weird thing with only buying candles in black jars, I don't know why I just do. When in Brooklyn I fell in love with Catbird's candles - I've had Kitten in the past but in their shop I debated pretty hard between Kitten and Ghost Rose. I cut my hair into a lob in February but since have been growing it out. This silver heart hair barrette would be so cute once I get more length. I recently lost one of my pins on my leather jacket and have been looking around for something to fill that spot. I really like this snake one a lot.

What are you hoping to receive during the holidays?! Or what are you looking forward to giving to your loved ones?


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