Weasley's Christmas Brunch

12:00 PM

I don't normally share too many "personal" posts as I have been trying to make this space something that promotes exploring and supporting your community, small businesses, etc. So I tend to be choosy when I make personal posts opting to skip sharing photos of Friendsgiving events or other celebrations. However, I'm making an exception as this is simply too good not to share.

I really have the best group of girl friends. When we think of something, no matter how outlandish, we exceed every expectation I could have ever dreamed. Case in point: last month my friends Rosemary, Ashley & I had planned to go to a Harry Potter Brunch at a restaurant in Baltimore. However that went bust when inexplicably it "sold out" without ever providing details on how to actually... attend. Needless to say we were extremely disappointed after spending weeks excitedly thinking about it. After a bit of back and forth, we thought why not throw our own Harry Potter Brunch? Which turned into a Weasley's Christmas Brunch as an opportunity to see our friends at least one last time before the holiday. 

It was a blast! Everyone was so creative with their dishes and I couldn't believe how above and beyond everyone went. Here's what was on the menu if you're interested in planning your own Harry Potter/Weasley Christmas Brunch!

  • Amortentia - Along with bacon and sausage, I brought Pomegranate Juice and Champagne to make a "Amortentia" aka Love Potion. 
  • Sorting Hat Everything "Bagels" - Our friend Megan created sorting hats out of dough topped with everything bagel seasoning. For an added surprise she placed a dot of food coloring under each hat so you could be "sorted"! 
  • Snapes's Spinach Artichoke Dip - was made by Ashley with bread for the dip.
  • Hufflepuff Hash Browns - fellow Hufflepuff Gail made hash browns for everyone.
  • Dragon Deviled Eggs & Butterbeer Fudge - Cait's deviled eggs had green food coloring on the bottom to have it look like dragon shells! She also made fudge that tasted like Hogwarts students favorite drink, butterbeer.
  • Mad Eye Moody Muffins - Christie brought in muffins that had eyeballs, a la Mad Eye Moody's roaming eye. 
  • Mandrakes aka Dirt Pudding - Emily got all the points with her Mandrake pudding and cookie dessert. Not only were they in clay pots but had fake leaves, and came with warnings to cover our ears. Amazing. 
While eating we watched Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone reminiscing of when we first saw it in 2001, wondering what Oliver Wood is up to these days, and arguing over how HERMIONE WOULD NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION. HERMIONE WOULD KNOW WHAT TYPE OF DRAGON THAT IS. 

 Some of us dressed up. Rosemary and I went as young Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. Ashley went as young Molly Weasley, Cait wore her Gryffindor Quidditch jersey, while the rest wore their house colors. And Ashley's daughter, little Eloise, went as the cutest little witch baby in the universe.  We hope to have other Harry Potter themed events in the future so next time you may see a Great Hall inspired dinner.


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