White Fox in Hampden

12:00 PM

There's a new boutique in Hampden! I was very fortunate to be my friend Rosemary's plus one to the White Fox Boutique influencer event last week. I definitely do not consider myself an influencer in any way, shape or form BUT with the promise of donuts and champagne I was more than happy to tag along for the event! Located on the heavily foot traffic-ed Avenue in Hampden, White Fox is sure to bring in plenty of girls looking for something a bit more unique than your standard F21 and Zara finds but if you're not convinced here's a peak inside!

The vibe in White Fox is clean white walls, open space, cozy cushions, with plenty of green plants, and an exposed brick wall. To be honest, it's how I wish my room looked.

I tend to get extremely overwhelmed in big clothing stores so I really loved that White Fox is smaller, well curated boutique with a wonderful selection of trendy and staple pieces for your wardrobe. I don't consider myself a "trendy" person, per se, I tend to buy things I can see myself getting plenty of use out of, so I was happy to see many of my favorite things: striped shirts, cozy sweaters, and  dreamy tops.

All of the ladies at White Fox are THE SWEETEST, I can't even express how friendly and inviting they are. They alone make the shopping experience such a delight. Alongside clothing they also have jewelry, bits and bobs (such as mugs, scarves, bags, etc.) and a few beauty items. Lastly, everything is priced to fit everyone's budget. 

There were definitely a quite a few things I was eyeing while there, but with the Holidays coming up I limited myself to this sweater, and a few rings. However, this just means I will be heading back! That grey striped sweater, photo above, was insanely soft and I must have it. 

If you find yourself in the area, or are looking for something new for your closet, please consider checking out White Fox! They are top banana for sure. Oh and follow their instagram to see what looks they share!

White Fox Boutique
1025 W 36th Street 
Baltimore, MD 21211
Monday - Saturday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm


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